Thursday, August 20, 2015

Victoria - Last Day - AKA Sad Day

After the Most Travelled Luncheon we return to the cabin to change.  It is around 2 pm and we are full and all I want to do is just crawl into bed and have a nap.  But I won't, it is the last day and I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Cabin Steward - Enrique - has put the bed protector on the bed so we can start packing.  But we are doing early walk off so we will just pack late today or early tomorrow.  One nice thing about not having to fly home is that we can just throw the things in the bag and close it and go.

I head up to the top deck to catch a bit of the Deadliest Catch - Crab Sort Gameshow. It was quite fun to watch.

Oh did I tell you what a squirrely day it has been weather wise.  We keep entering these fog banks and the fog horn sounds periodically.   Then we come into beautiful sunshine.   It is warm enough that people are out on the pool decks and in the pool.  It is amazing how cool it can be when you are out in open waters.  There was also more movement last night as we are now sailing in the Pacific and we are not shielded by land on both sides anymore.

Events happening this afternoon:

  • Navigational Chart Auction - Art Auction
  • Line Dancing
  • Veterans Get Together
  • Golf Putting
  • Ballroom Blitz Dance Class - Salsa
  • Ice Carving Demo
  • Naturalist Presentation:  Native People of the North West Coast
  • The Great Egg Drop Challenge
  • Arts and Crafts: Box Making
  • Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Trivia
  • MUTS Iron Man
  • Carpet Bowls Challenge
  • Penny Whistle Class
  • Deadliest Catch Gameshow 
  • Great Alaskan Trivia
  • Production Show Motor City (remember the days of the production show are different this voyage due to the new singers/dancers just coming on).
We sort of do our own thing this afternoon.  I head to the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary Trivia but got there late so just watched from the back.  

Watched the egg drop contest and loved how many families worked together with their kids to come up with something.

I sit in Crooners and chat with Red for awhile.  We stop into the stores to say goodbye to a few friends.  The stores will close when we get into Victoria and will not reopen so this is our last chance to see some of the crew there.

We are coming into Victoria.  It is sure nice to be back in Canada (even if it is for a few hours). We head up to Skywalkers for our last night in the Elite Lounge with Rock and the allstars yeah that is a great name for them.  It is quiet up here and with so many people itching to get off as soon as possible that they are all hanging out in the Atrium and the hallways/stairways near the gangways.  A few times we hear Nelson the Customers Services Director come on the intercom to announce that it is important for guest to clear the aisles/stairs and to head to a public area to wait till we tie up and clear the ship.  

We are good though, hardly no one is in Skywalkers.  We enjoy a few drinks up here and say a fond farewell to Rock.

After the drinks we head out to the open decks to walk around and take some pictures and enjoy the fresh air.  We run into a couple - the husband is NOT happy and he sure lets his wife know how he feels.  I felt bad for her, but hey she married him.  But in the end I am not sure how you can't be happy.  And if you are not happy, don't take it out on your loved one, head back to the cabin and chill.

We decide not to go ashore today again.  I know I know but hey we live an hour and a half ferry ride from Victoria.  We were just here in May and we will be back here in September (more on that in a later blog).

You can read more about visiting Victoria here on a previous stop here.  

It is lovely tonight, the sun is starting to set, you can see the Legislature in the distance all lit up.  The sea air and the birds are tickling our senses.  

The Holland America ship is right next to us again.  Also a Norwegian Ship too. 

We head to the buffet for a light dinner tonight.  We get ice cream for dessert.  

Tonight we partake in the Multimedia Trivia where a we join up with a fellow passenger.  We do okay but not close enough.

And finally we are back at Crooners for a last goodbye to Red.  

Back in the cabin we pack up most of the bag and get things settled.  

Tomorrow it is back to normal.  Sad face.

Other things happening tonight:  
  • Rolla Bolla Balancing of Krill
  • Jewish Sabbath Service
  • MUTS Stevie Wonder 
  • LGBT Get Together
  • Karaoke Power Hour
  • 60 Second Frenzy 
  • Farewell Multimedia Trivia
  • Stateroom Movie:  The Longest Ride
  • Indoor Goofy Golf

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