Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cruising Princess Cruise Line With Vickie is 4!

August first is the fourth birthday of my facebook page - Cruising Princess Cruise Line with Vickie.  

I started this page cause, well, I admit I am little addicted to talking about all things cruise related. Originally I thought maybe a hundred or so would be interested, and those would probably be family and friends.

But after four years the page has grown to over 2300 followers!  I know WOW.  I have followers from all over the world.  45 different countries.

I had found that other cruise pages were very helpful but not very respectful and people were belittled for asking simple questions that others thought were silly.  

We have all been there. Remember that first cruise and you had lots of questions. Or when you are on the cruise you learn so much from others.  Tips, ideas, cost savings ideas, insider secrets, you know what I mean.  

So many of my friends have helped me, and my friends are always asking us questions, so I started to think, hey why not create an area that people can go to and  ask questions and I can respond to them. A place to share stories, pictures, links, and talk about all things cruising.

I already had been blogging for a few years and that was going well.  But sharing that information easily was needed. Now if someone asks me about a port I can share a link to the blog that discusses that port.

The photo section on the facebook page has albums for many cruise ships - both inside and outside.  I try to take pictures of cabins and share those.  I have pictures of silly things, and trust me I am sure I look odd taking pictures of things that others would never take a picture off.  Like the bingo banner that shows the prices, menus, cameras on sale, and doors to show secret areas.  

So take a look at the page, add a comment to many of the posts and if you have a question feel free to ask away. Take a look at all the photo albums.  Check out the note section for information that could be of interest. 

But best of all share in your passion of travel, especially cruising.

Happy Birthday Cruising Princess Cruise Line With Vickie

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