Thursday, August 20, 2015

Most Travelled Luncheon - Last Day

We are honoured to be invited to the Most Travelled Luncheon.  A few years ago Princess introduced this luncheon (sometimes a cocktail party) to the top 40 most travelled passengers on any given cruise.  Lately we always make the cut off but sometimes it is close.  This sailing we are the fourth most travelled on this sailing.

Riz Sirilan is the Captain Circle Host and she sent out the invited on the first day for the luncheon.

Today it is held in Sabatinis and it is a sit down meal.

Normally you are sat according to where you fall on the list.  Top three couples sit at the Captains Table.  Next three are at the Hotel General Manager's Table (but today it is both Customer Services Directors - Stefano and Nelson), etc etc.

Bernie, Stefano, and Nelson

But I should back track.  When the open the doors to the restaurant you hand in your invite and Riz will introduce you to the Captain.  They will then take your picture - and you get a copy of it at the end of the meal.

You are then led to your table.  We are sitting with Stefano on my right and Nelson on Bernie's left, along with three others.  There are place settings and a personalize menu for each of us.

For today's menu we are served Alaskan King Crab Cake Drunken Prawns, Cilantro Caper Dip and Wasabi Lime Foam.  Then we have the choice of Red Beet Risotto, Fried Pumpkin and EVO Oil or Steamed Halibut Poached in Green Tea with Galangal, served on Pea and Sweet Potato Mousse and Asparagus Foam or Grilled Fillet of Beef Tenderloin, filled with Boursin Cheese, Carrots, Rutabaga Pont Neuf Truffle Potatoes Pancetta with Shiraz Glaze.  For Dessert it is a Champagne Mouse and Marinated Berries served in a chocolate cup.  Home Made Macaroons.

Mark (our favorite waiter) and Riza are up here serving us.  Mark right away serves me sparkling water - he knows we often prefer that.

We have a choice of red or white wine.

Both Bernie and I had the exact same meals. We started with the Alaskan King Crab Cake and Drunken Prawns

Oh my this is so darn good.  I loved it, and everyone at our table who had it loved it! Would love to see this on the menu.

My entree was the steamed halibut in green tea with galangal.

Again it was so good, perfectly cooked.

Now the big treat was dessert.  And all I can say is WOW.  

At first when they put it down I thought the cup was just a real cup and saucer covered in chocolate. No!  The whole thing is made of chocolate, the cup and the saucer and even the "steam" is white chocolate.  Sure the mousse and berries were very good but we were all having fun with this chocolate cup.  People were breaking it apart and savouring it.  Lots of laughs heard throughout the room.  Felt like when you devour your Chocolate Easter Bunny.  

I wish I could of eaten more of it but I just couldn't.  Darn should of brought the rest back to the cabin to munch on with some wine later.

Riz thanks us all and we all acknowledge the officers who have taken time out of their day to attend. We show our thanks to the hard working crew that helped put it together - way to GO!

The Captain thanked us all too and said a few words.  Our photos were handed out and we waddled out of another great luncheon. Again how lucky are we.

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  1. I particularly enjoyed your description of the chocolate cup dessert ! Sounds delicious.