Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Day - Why We Stop in Victoria - Passengers Vessels Services Act

Well one thing I know for sure - Seven Day Cruises go way too fast.  It is already the last day of the cruise!  Seems like we just got on.

It feels like a sea day though because we don't dock in Victoria until 7 pm.

Now I heard a lot of people commenting about why such a short time in Victoria.  Why are we stopping there at all?  Let me try and answer this.

It all has to do with the Passengers Vessels Services Act - PVSA of 1920 for more info click here.

This law was brought in to build up the maritime industry.  In order for ships to transport passengers from one US port to another US port and NOT stopping at a foreign port they had to have a few things.  

The ship had to be constructed in the US, owned by US citizens and crewed by US citizens.  

Of course most cruise ships don't fall into these categories.  Most are built elsewhere, are registered in Panama/Bahamas/Bermuda etc.  And they are crewed by many different nationalities.  All of these are cost effective for a cruise line.  

If a ship leaves from the US and returns to the US it has to visit a distant foreign port. On this cruise it is Victoria.  On a Hawaiian Cruise it is Ensenada.  In the Caribbean it is one of the many Caribbean Islands.  The Canada New England cruise will stop in Canada, namely Halifax and/or St. Johns. 

Note if the ship does not call at a distant foreign port that can be fined $300 per passenger. 

Now I won't get into politics but seems most large companies are like this nowadays.  It all comes down to money.  And sure as a passenger I may not like that my ship has to visit a distant foreign port, but if it met all the requirements of the rule chances are the ship would cost a lot more money to run and therefore cost more to me the passenger.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a cruiseship that follows all the rules and it is therefore able to sail around the Hawaiian Islands without visiting a foreign port, cause it meets all the criteria.

Okay, that is a basic explanation of why we stop in Victoria on an Alaskan cruise from Seattle.  Now I am no expert on this but those are the basic rules.

So today we will sail into Victoria for a short stop to meet the requirements of visiting a Distant Foreign Port. 

Okay back to our day!  It feels like a sea day.

We wake and turn on the Wake Show.  I really like Kelvin and Deputy Chris.  They work well together, a little goofy but that is what is required.  One thing I noticed this voyage the Wake Show is shown only in the morning.  For the past few years they start showing the Wake Show at 10 pm the night prior and again all morning.  

Bernie gets the coffee (Bernie if you are reading this I truly appreciate it).  

Today is our Most Travelled Luncheon at noon in Sabatini's.  It is always a big meal and since I feel lazy I tell Bernie to just head up to the Horizon Court for his oatmeal without me.  I sit and relax and enjoy my latte and read.  I take my time to get ready. Pure relaxation.

There are tons of things going on this morning: 

  • Cards and Games available in Crown Grill - note every day there were cards and board games made available here to check out and play - a great family event
  • Charge and Carry Liquor and Tobacco - today you can buy your duty free liquor and tobacco and take it with you.  If you order it early it will be delivered to your cabin some time today.
  • Zumba Fitness 9:30 in Club Fusion
  • Ping Pong Tournament
  • MUTS Movie: Hitch
  • Onboard Outlet Sale 10 - 1 pm
  • On Deck for the Cure 
  • Culinary Demonstration and Galley Tour 10:15 Princess Theater
  • Morning Trivia 10:30
  • Diamonds Seminar 10:30
  • Cruise Long Scavenger Hunt Return 11 Crooners
  • Finding Big Foot Return
  • Discovery at Sea Virtual Stargazing 11:45 - the reason they do it during the day is that the sun doesn't set till very late in Alaska 


  1. You are referring to the wrong act for the Victoria stop. The "Jones Act " refers to working conditions on American flagged ships.
    Here is a link to Jones act
    The proper act is Passenger Services Vessel Act of 1886. Attached is the link to the info .

    Otherwise I really enjoy your blog

    1. thanks Kamloops Cruise yeah i was thinking it was something like that.. but couldn't recall the name. Passenger Vessel Services Act.