Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seattle - Disembarkation

Another cruise is done.  We wake and know it is time to get back to reality.

We shower and pack up the last of the items.  

We have chosen to do the earliest walk off and were assigned the first group at 7:30.  

I shower while Bernie heads upstairs to get a small bite to eat and bring back some fruit for me to have in the cabin.

We leave the cabin at 7:30 and thank Enrique for all his hard work this week.  We always leave the auto tips in place and we have tipped him extra three times this week.

The Platinum/Elite Lounge is Da Vinci Dining room.  We figure it will be rather quiet since there are not many that fall into that category.  In fact we are first to arrive.  But a couple who walk in behind us grab a paper and head to a table.  Only to come back a minute later and wonder about breakfast. Seems they think they are serving breakfast here this morning.  Riz (Captain Circle Host) directs them to the Botticelli Dining room, which can be confusing for some.

We chat with Riz for a minute when she asks us which group we are and we say Walkoff 1 and she says "oh you are clear to go, we are already on Walkoff 3".

Bernie heads up one floor with the suitcases in the elevator and I take the stairs up to the Promenade where we are binged out and off the ship.

We already have our customs form filled out and our passports in hand.  It is about a minute to see a customs agent and we are out the door.  In all it took maybe 5 minutes to get off the ship and get out of the port building - a record for us I think.

Prior to today we sent an email to Jan and Michael who we stayed with the night before the cruise that we would be off around 8. Well it is about 7:40 and we make our way to the end of the island where pick ups are.

Jan and Michael show up right at 8 and a quick drive to their place and we are in our car and heading North at 8;15.  We are home at 10:40 and the bags are emptied and the wash is in.

On reflection this was a great trip.  I loved being able to spend my birthday at sea.  I was spoiled and very moved by how many people helped me celebrate.

The weather was the best too.

The ship is looking great, the crew are still amazing, the passenger I really enjoyed.  I did have reservations at first about all the kids and families but in the end they were very polite and excited to just be on a cruise.

Overall this cruise was smoother than the one we did in May that was a reposistioning from LA to Vancouver.  Maybe because we are mid season in Alaska with repeated itinerary.  The crew know how it flows and many of the passengers are new it made us remember why we love to cruise.

Thank you Crown Princess for another wonderful trip.  Till we meet again.  Stay tuned, we have seven booked.

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