Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ketchikan and Formal Night

We dock very early in Ketchikan - so early I don't even notice that we docked.  Oh by the way we docked around 6 am.  There are four ships in port today - aka busy day.

The weather is overcast with a chance of showers.  Not cold, just cloudy and damp.  
See picture above it says it all.

Sadly we are not in port for that long.  The Crown comes here late in her itinerary and has to leave early so she can make it to Victoria late tomorrow.  Trust me I heard people grumble about the short stop here but it isn't like this ship is a plane that takes off and lands somewhere in a few hours. Victoria is quite a distance and we have to stop in Victoria by law so because of this we leave at noon.

The ship seems quiet.  Many have gone ashore for the morning.  Bernie and I contemplated going ashore but we are quite happy to stay on board and use the ship as our floating resort.  We have been to Ketchikan a few times and we know we will be back.

Today we are docked all the way in Berth 4 which is the furthest away from town.  There are some shops just outside, but to really see anything you need to walk thru the tunnel and toward the town. There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the pier to the town too.

We decide to head down to the dining room for breakfast.  We are sat in the same section we have sat at numerous times.  It is a good section but that constant banging of the waiters station's doors/drawers is a real annoyance.

They have the eggs benedict as the feature item and I decide to give it a try.  But sadly it had been sitting for a bit I guess cause the hollandaise was a little caked on.  I ate one of them and left the other.

I head outside to take a few pictures.  

We take a seat in the International Cafe and do some reading and drink our coffees.

A few things are going on this morning.  

Today they have the Tongass Rangers Information Station all about Skins and Skulls.  They actually have these in most ports where they have a table with displays and posters and someone there to answer you questions.

Bernie went to the Trivia and they won.

Just before noon I take notice of the long queues to get back on board.  This is bound to happen when we sail so early so just be prepared and no worries you will all get on.

When I was back in the cabin sitting on the balcony ready I noticed these things in the water.  At first I thought they were plastic bags, but no they are jelly fish.  I zoomed in to take this shot.  Pretty cool.

They are doing another pub lunch today in Wheelhouse bar.  Which is a great idea cause so many coming back on can easily get a quick bite to eat.  

Tons of things going on this afternoon:  Speedy Sudoku, croquet play, Ballroom class: The Samba, Penny Whistle Class, Service Club Get Together, Art Auction, Napkin Folding, Moose Racing (like the horse racing but these horses have antlers screwed into them), Grapevine Wine tasting Afternoon tea, MUTS has the movie Skyfall, 50th Anniversary Trivia: The Sound of Music.

We get a free invite to the wine tasting as an elite member.  We haven't been in a very long time.  We found that the wines were repeated all the time and we were a little tired of them.  But today we said lets go.  

I am so glad we did.  We were sat at a table of six and the two other couples were from California.  It was quite nice to get to know them.  Also the wines were all new.  I really enjoyed these new wines. They no longer give out the souvenir shot glass (that is okay we have enough of them).  They no longer serve the dessert wine or champagne.  This wine tasting included a rose wine, which I really enjoyed.  

Tonight is a Formal Night and it is also the Captain Circle Party.  There is only one party this voyage. Since there are so many new cruisers they have decided to have everyone who is Gold and up to attend the cocktail party.  Normally the Gold/Ruby have a separate event held near the beginning of the cruise.  

The party is held in Club Fusion and we take a seat near the back.  We catch up with our friends and enjoy two cocktails.  

The most travelled has 832 days - so we aren't too far away.  We are the fourth most travelled couple this trip.  There are only 49 elites!

After the cocktail party we head up to Adagio for drinks with Stefano and Adir.  This is a lovely lounge and it is a great place to come for a cocktail.  The Captain and his wife come in and they join us.  This is a nice treat and it is lovely to catch up with the Captain.  We sailed with him last Fall.  His wife Olga is lovely too with a wonderful laugh and such an easy person to chat with.

We decide to just head to the buffet for a small bite to eat.  It is the Captain's Gala Buffet and it was lovely.  We see Ashwin and Alexia from the shops and they join us for dinner.  

The buffet at night has been quite busy.  I am thinking this has to do with the itinerary and the long days.

After a late dinner we head to Crooners to catch up with Red and to chat with others at the bar.  Isn't it fun sailing and getting to meet new people.  The Balloon drop is happening and the band is playing. Great vibe overall.

Other events going on around the ship:

  • LGBT Get Together
  • Spotlight Showcase With Vocal Impressionist Karen Graingers (we caught a bit of her performance and she was very good). 7 and 10
  • The Movie at Muts is the Rewrite
  • Balancing Act of Krill in Atrium
  • Production Show Blame it on the Boogie 8:15 and 10
  • The Marriage Match Game Show 9 pm
  • Karaoke
  • The 50th Anniversary Gold Balloon Drop Party 10:30


  1. Hi Vickie. We met on the South American Star trip in 2012. Hope you are doing well.

    When it comes to eggs Benedict, I ask for the hollandaise on the side, then it doesn't get backed on. That, and a squeeze of lemon juice makes them much better.

    Try it, I bet you'll like it.


    1. yes, that was a great trip - and what a great tip, i will do this next time.