Saturday, August 15, 2015

Big 50 on Crown Princess and Also Skagway

I wake and open my eyes and realize I am in my 50s!  What when did this happen, how did this happen... I can't be 50.  But darn it I am.  I am the same age as Princess!  But I feel GREAT!  And what a great way to celebrate -- on a cruise -- on a Princess Cruise.

And to boot Princess ran a promotion this year that if you too turn 50 or are celebrating your 50th Anniversary and sail during the month of this event you are given a $50 on board credit.  Yeah, we will use it tonight to dine at the Crown Grill.

Bernie heads down to get coffees and when we open the door this is what I see.

Seems a little gremlin was out early this morning decorating our door.  We later found out it was Mark (our favorite waiter) who came here just after midnight and did it.  Sneaky bugger... but so sweet.

He later sent me a lovely bouquet of roses.  We love Mark and we always say he is our family!  And we mean it!

We have already arrived in Skagway early this morning (5:30).  It looks like a beautiful day and darn it I am ready for it.

I shower and get ready... and Bernie gets trigger happy with the camera snapping shots of me doing my hair so I play it up.

We have to see Claudio as today is his birthday too.  I always like to say we share the same day, but one of us is two years older.  I will let you guess.

We always love sailing with Claudio.  What a sweet man and we are pleased to see he is on board with his wife and two children. Tonight his wife is planning a lovely dinner for just the two of them. The Captain's wife will babysit.

We head ashore and boy it is HOT and it is still early.

Our plans today are exciting.  You see the Star Princess is in port too.  The waiter we had on the Royal this year for a month is on the Star now.  Daniel Guevara even sailed with us to South America on the Star quite a few years ago and he remembers us from that voyage.  When we sat at his table on the Royal it was like seeing an old friend.  It was so hard to say goodbye to Daniel in February.  But we kept in touch on Facebook and when we realized we were going to be in port with him we arranged to meet and spend the day together.  Since he will be working breakfast service we agreed to meet him at 11 just at the gangway.

We have about an hour to kill before we meet up with him so we walk towards town. There is a shuttle that you can take and buy a day pass for (sorry didn't get the price) and is located right outside the secure area at the pier.

There are also some areas here to buy some private tours.

We just walk towards town and enter the White Pass Railway Station.  Bernie picks up a souvenir for his little great nephews.  I take note that they have a ticket booth here so you can book it directly with them when you arrive.  Cost is $122 (a bit cheaper if you buy ahead of time $119) per person and you will need your passport cause you enter Canada.  The White Pass Railways website is here.  

here is the museum

The other great thing you can do is visit the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park on 2nd Avenue, right beside the White Pass Railway Station.  The museum is free, it has a great free museum tour, then watch the movie then head out with a guide for a short walking tour, again free!

But for us we just wander the main street and boy it is HOT HOT HOT in fact we seek out the shade cause it is too hot in the sun. 

We stop in a store that I love and I buy myself a small gift of earrings and matching pendant in silver.  All the stuff in the store are made by locals and it is such a great souvenir and present.

The Star is located at the pier closer to town along with a Holland America ship. 

We see Daniel right away and big hugs and kisses.  So lovely to see him again.  He quickly fills us in on what has been happening in his life for the past six months since we seen him.

We let Daniel decide where we would go to eat.  Off to The Station which is a restaurant/pub and well it looks like the crew like it here cause it is full of crew. Everywhere we turn we see crew from one of the four ships in port.  It is nice cause some of the crew from the Crown are visiting friends on the Star.  

At first we couldn't get a table inside so we asked to let us know when one was available and we got drinks outside, but after fifteen minutes in the sun we are way too hot and go stand inside and wait a bit longer till our booth is ready.

We have a great pizza with some cheese bread and it was very good.  Now time to walk it off.

Daniel hasn't been to the waterfall and cemetery.  Here is a link to a map.  Go to the last page for details on the Gold Rush Cemetery.  The map is great with other hikes we have done too.  The Upper and Lower Dewey Lake Trail blog.   Then the Yakutania Point and Falls blog.  

We decide to walk beside the tracks and enjoy seeing the views, the trains and quite a few houses with beautiful gardens.

You come across the cemetery first, make sure to read the information about the cemetery.  Note there are washrooms there too.  

Continue up the trail and follow the sign to the falls.

You will hear it before you see it.  

We need to get Daniel back to the ship for 3 so he can wash up and get ready for his shift so we start to head back to town.  We are so hot and sweaty and as we walk we come across a Filipino restaurant the Golden Nugget where I say "hey I be they have halo halo"  and yes they do.  So we order one each and enjoy that cold yummy treat.

Big hugs and kisses to say goodbye and we decide to head back to our ships too.  And as soon as I enter the cabin I am surprised with another gift.  Ashwin has delivered a bottle of champagne and a box of Norman Love Chocolates.

Oh what a treat.  I am so lucky and blessed to have so many great people in my life.

Here some pictures of the chocolates inside the box for which I opened once I got home.

For those that stayed on board the following was happening:

  • On the tv is the presentation by Libby Riddles and also Michael Modzelewski's presentation run all day.
  • Table Tennis
  • Morning Trivia 11:15
  • Scattergories 12:30
  • Charades 1:15
  • Woman in Gold Movie in Explorers
  • Basketball Free Throw
  • 60 Second Frenzy 3:15
  • Afternoon Tea 3:30-4:30
  • Discovery at Sea Trivia Discover Space 4:15

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