Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday Evening - Formal Night

Rock making one of his famous Cosmos

As we wake from a nap - nothing better than a guilt free nap while on vacation - we decide to try out the Platinum Elite Lounge again.

Tonight is formal night and I can tell you that Alaska does seem to have a less formal vibe than we have experienced on other itineraries.  But in saying this we notice many people are dressed up including all the families.  So cute, and so many are posing for pictures.  What a great souvenir.

Up in Skywalkers it is quiet again.  We sit and chat with Rock, who by the way makes the BEST Cosmos, as per Bernie's well tuned palate.  We enjoy two each and a few munchies and we catch up on how Rock is and what is new with him and his family.  He is quite excited as he is heading home soon.  I have to say we visited the Elite Lounge a lot more this voyage because of Rock and all the great staff up there.

At around 7 pm we make our way down to the Atrium to catch a glimpse of the Captain's Announcement and the Introductions of the Officers.  They are walking around with champagne and those yummy chocolate treats.  It is busy here but not crazy like we have seen in the past.  I am thinking with so many first time Princess Cruisers they may just not be aware of it.

We went to Michelangelo Dining room around 7:45 and we see Stefano the Head Waiter at the front door.  Right away he recognizes us and gives us big hugs.  He sits us at a lovely table by the window were we are handed the Captain's Welcome Aboard Menu - with Special Items in Honour of Princess' 50th Anniversary.

Here are a few pictures of the menu and their "special items"

I start with some Risotto Cakes with a lovely cream sauce and for my entree I had the Fillet of Turbot that was like butter.  The Truffle Chive Sauce was to die for.

The Sorbet is served before the entree to cleanse the palate and then I finished it off with the Norman Love Chocolate Raspberry Mousse.  

So yummy... 

As we leave we are trying to figure out what to do after dinner.  But it is decided for us as we see something is starting in the Atrium.  It is the Balancing Act of Krill, quite impressive.

We stop by the Explorer's Lounge to watch a bit of Majority Rules.  The place is packed and lots of laughs, again it is fun to see many experiencing this for the first time.

I have to also say that I have been very impressed with how everyone is behaving.  I had been a little worried when I saw so many kids on board initially.  But I have encountered way more polite, respectful young people than I have rude, unhappy ones.  Whenever we have been in a line or around kids, we have always engaged them and they have responded very nicely.  Many have pushed elevator buttons, given way when walking down hallways, said good morning in passing, and always say thank you to the staff after they have done something for them.  A few adults seem to have forgotten many of these traits.  

This makes me think of a story of what happened today.  While we lined up in the long line to get ice cream up on deck - go figure lines are long with so many kids, and kids at heart on board.  A young guy of around 8 or 9 is in front of us wrapped in a pool towel (wet hair and swimsuit having obviously just come out of the pool).  I ask him how the water is, and he says "good, but there are a lot of bugs".  Of course Bernie pipes in "oh aren't the fish in the pool eating the bugs - that is why they are put in the pool".  The kid looks up and smiles (with three teeth missing in the front and says questionably "there aren't fish in the pool".  Bernie quickly responds "oh yes there are, you just haven't dove far enough down to see them".  Now I wonder if the boy believed him, but I do think he got him wondering.  

Another great day on board.  Tomorrow we arrive in Juneau late morning.  Lots still going on tonight. 

Here is a rundown of the evening events:

  • LGBT Get Together
  • Ballroom Dancing with the Tritone Duo in Wheelhouse
  • Evening Melodies with the Elegy Duo in Crooners
  • Acoustic Melodies with Guitar Vocalist Will Dickerson
  • Discovery at Sea Trivia (Velocity - Cars) 7 pm
  • Best of the Beatles with DJ Jammin in Club Fusion at 7 pm
  • Captain's Champagne Waterfall 7 pm
  • MUTS Cinderella 2015 7 pm and 10 pm
  • Big Band Dance Date with Crown Princess Orchestra
  • Evening Game Show: Passenger Feud Club Fusion 8 pm
  • Comedy Magician Farrell Dillon 8:15 and 10 pm
  • Princess Popstar
  • Stateroom Movie - The Rewrite 
  • Majority Rules Gameshow at 9:15
  • Pianist David Moore in Crooners
Note normally there would be a huge production show tonight but the singers and dancers just left in Seattle and a new group arrived and they are needing some rehearsals/training so we will get the shows a bit later in the cruise. 

Weather today was lovely around 19C, sunrise was 6:07 and sunset was 8;41 pm.

Sales/Specials happening today:

  • $50,000 Anniversary Slot Tournament
  • Internet Cafe Embarkation Special, buy a internet time package and get up to an additional 40 minutes free
  • Ultimate Ship's Tour is advertised (happens on last day of cruise) Sign up at Passenger Services Desk cost is $150
  • Cafe Caribe is having a Mexican Themed Lunch
  • Crab Shack $20 is happening tonight - call the dine line to reserve.  To hear more about this dinner read my blog from when we did it.  

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