Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tracey Arm

Today is the WOW day - it is the day we sail up Tracey Arm.

You need to get up early cause we enter Tracey Arm early - 6:45.  The sights are stunning.  The channel is only 1.5 miles wide so you have views of the mountains on each side.  

Make sure to check out the view and how the ship maneuvers around Big Bend and the "S" Turn.  

If you check along the shore lines around the sandy muddy flats you could spot a bear, but we didn't.

We spot the Star Princess coming out of the channel - boy they were there very early.  As they pass right beside us there is hooting and hollering and lots of waves.

We are sailing towards South Sawyer Glacier but there sure is a lot of ice in the water.

There are some rules that need to be followed and this will effect the passengers. 

They are not allowed to discharge grey water here so laundries could be closed and if you put laundry in for them to do it may take a little longer.

You will not get paper cups while traveling here to ensure that nothing goes over and into the water and pollute the waters.  Sadly I saw a lot of people leaving their cups/plates and even napkins out on the open decks on areas that were not tables. And even left on the Promenade Deck.  

I am out on the Promenade deck walking around.  I run into Edward who has his cart and selling hot drinks.

One tour Princess had today is Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer.  One tour leaves at 7 am and rejoins the ship at 9:45.  Second one leaves at 10:15 and rejoins at 1:00 pm. The boat pulls up beside our ship and people get on (kind of like a tender).  The cost of the tour is $219.95  for adults and $169.95 for kids.  

Sure enough Michael the Naturalist tells us that the Captain can't get any closer due to the ice - around 9 am.  The rule is if you see more ice than water you don't go in.  We can see the glacier in the distance but this is probably the furthest we have been from the glacier.  Warm temperatures are causing the glacier to calves and more ice in the water. 

We get as close as we can and the ship sits in the water and then we slowly turn right around.  So don't worry you will all get a great view.

I was up at the aft of the ship at this point and had to giggle when a husband came up with his wife and kids and complained - "See we missed the glacier".  I wanted to say that there are glaciers all around us, but I held my tongue.

The kids club is busy and it is cute to see the staff are doing an game with them where they have to spot things - like: mountain, ice, birds etc, lovely 

It is very very hot out and there are many people in the pool and lounging in the lounge chairs.  

They have an Tracy Arm Outpost for items for sale up on the Lido Deck with all kinds of items - jackets, binoculars, sweaters etc.

They also are serving hot bouillon on the Lido deck while we are here.  And later they are serving reindeer Chili and Fish Chowder.

I have been to Tracey Arm five times now and this has to be the warmest day ever and because of the amazing weather we can see all the mountain tops and all the glaciers around us.  You can see all the amazing rock surfaces and plant life.  

But with this beautiful warm weather comes more ice in the water and we can't get right up to the Sawyer Glacier.  

Lots going on today.  I went to the Sudoku Challenge and again it was quite busy but didn't win.  

I popped into the Sophia Fiori Diamonds and Tanzanite presentation and said hi to Michael and Tammi.  The place was busy.  

Other events today:

  • Afternoon Gameshow Princess Pyramids
  • Charades
  • Acupuncture Demonstration
  • Go North Special Screening - join your video producers for another spectacular documentary about the Klondike Gold Rush 
  • Indoor Goofy Golf
  • Arts and Crafts at Sea Gold Nugget Bracelets 
  • Bingo
  • Movies Under the Stars Ninja Sharks
  • Discovery at Sea Trivia Animal Planets Oceans Edition
  • Golf Putting challenge
  • Champagne Hoopla
  • Veterans Get Together
  • Friends of Bob and Bill Meeting
  • Afternoon Tea
Around 4 pm we are passing Frederick Sound again where we were a few days ago and where we saw all the whales.

Well they are there again and don't disappoint.

Tonight it will be a quiet night for us.  The dining room is featuring the Italian Night Dinner.  

But we head up to the Horizon Court for our meal.  

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