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October 31 – Halloween – Mykonos and More Port Changes

With the change in itinerary we are docking in Mykonos very early and we are here all day and into the evening until 11:30.

They weren’t sure if we would have to tender in or we would dock but we are glad to see we have docked.
Bernie and I wake early and head to the coffee bar around 6 am just when it opens – it is not open 24 hours on the Island Princess.

Still can’t get any internet – so I just write up my blog and will post it later.  Everyone is complaining to the very very patient internet guy.  But it isn’t his fault.   He is so patient with everyone and trust me people want him to know everything, including every device that is brought to him and also their phone plans, which is impossible to know.

We head to the dining room for breakfast and we are sat at a table for two – boy it is quiet in here.  Guess people are not up yet or they are up in Horizon Court.  I enjoy the scramble egg with swiss cheese and asparagus.
Back in the cabin we relax for a few hours before I head out to g…

Friday Evening – Sea Day – Formal Night

After a very restful nap we shower and get dressed for the evening.The Captain’s Welcome Aboard Show is happening.The Atrium is busy but manageable, but the sight lines are difficult but I do get a few pictures.

They are handing out the champagne and the Norman Love Chocolate pops!  Yummy.
We run into Antonio and we meet with Sheila and say hi to her from Monika and Rick – she says hi back.
Everyone looks lovely and many are posing for pictures. 
This is a great sight, families, couples – young and old, children, friends all smiling and creating memories.  Isn’t that what life is all about, and what better way to do it than on a ship.

Tonight we are dining at the Bayou Café.  I love this venue.   Right beside it is a small bar and a dance floor and the band Pastime Duo who are from Brazil.  They are perfect for ballroom dancing, but we find out they are getting off in Venice and not sure who will be replacing them.  Listening to live music while you dine here only adds to a great evening.

October 30 – Finally a Day at Sea

The thought that we get a sea day gets us so excited.  We so need it!  And we are not the only ones seems everyone we run into needs a break from this port intensive itinerary.

And we do sleep in. 

When we wake Bernie runs out to get coffees/teas (love that our cabin is so close to the Atrium) and we sit and enjoy the morning show and sip our drinks.

Bernie wants to head up to get breakfast in the Horizon Court and I am good and just ask for a croissant when he returns and I sit on the balcony and enjoy it.  

We shower and head out and it is still early – around 8 am and the ship is quiet, well quieter than most days at this hour. 

Today we have no set plans except for the meet and greet gathering from cruise critic at 10 and then dinner in the Bayou.

Around 9 am we hear the bing bing bing and the Captain comes on reading the following “due to security concerns and potential civil unrest arising from the General Elections in Turkey, we are taking precautions for the safety of our guests and…

Thursday October 29, 2015 – Naples, Italy

We wake at around 8 am and we are already docked.  We shower and head ashore right away.  There are two others ships in port with us.  A Crystal and Costa Ship.  The weather is overcast and it rained overnight and there are light showers right now but it looks promising and in fact it did get quite nice later.  We brought a light wind breaker that needed to be removed after a half hour cause it just was way too warm.

Today we are following Rick Steve’s two walking guides.  We start at Caffe Gambrinus where we order two cappuchinos and two sfogliatella (crispy scallop shell-shaped pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese) and drink it at the bar.  This place is beautiful!

Now loaded with some sugar and caffeine we are ready to go.  Walking up Via Toledo we can’t stop looking everywhere, left, right, forward, up, left, right, forward, up repeat.  There are so many things to look at.  So Italian, just what you think of when you think of southern Italy.  We LOVE it. 

We walk all the way up to…