Saturday, February 24, 2018


After a very fun night (yes two nights in a row) I realize I am getting older!  I just keep up like I use to.

Thankfully today is a later arrival so even though I was wide awake at 4 am (after going to bed at midnight) I am able to fall back asleep around 8.

Captain announces that we will be arriving earlier than schedule – Yeah Captain Nash. 

We are along side the pier and people are filing off about an hour earlier than planned.

For us it is a day that plans are a little up in the air.

Bernie really wants to go to Klein Bonaire to drift snorkel and I too would really like to do this but I am afraid I am just way too tired and my throat is very sore. 

Could I be getting that darn cold that is making it’s path across the world and onto the ship.  Well probably.  Bernie has had it (although he did not get a sore throat) and is feeling much better.  With two late nights I may have worn myself thin and am not fighting the germs very well.
So I decide to stay on and go and get a hot tea and find a quiet spot to do more research for Chile.  I manage to write detail reports for the port stop of Puerto Montt Chile. 

I later get a big salad.  Oh Horizon Court is so nice as most are off and I have my pick of food items and seats. 

I forgot to mention that when I first came up I ran into Giovanni from the Philippines.  He just joined in Fort Lauderdale.  We first met him on the Ruby when he was Mark’s assistant.  We saw him again last Spring on the Royal but he was already off in the Fall when we were here. 

Bernie returns to the ship around 3 pm.  He took the Klein Island ferry for $20 return trip.  He absolutely loved it and could not stop raving about it when he returned.

We decided to both head ashore around 4 to find something for my sore throat.  Oddly my card is acting up.  It isn’t working when I go to bing out with security.  They fix it they say and off I go.  When I got on it worked fine and it was still working to get into my cabin.

Later in the evening I tried to use it in the slot machines and it kept showing card error.  Again back down to the Purser’s desk and a new card.  This is my third card this cruise and it usually happens at least twice a cruise.  I have removed all things magnetic but I am still having issues.  It works in my door but doesn’t work for other things. 

For our evening it is a quiet one.  After showering we just done some shorts and t-shirts and head up to the buffet for Italian night.  Neither of us feels very hungry.  We both get a bowl of soup, a roll and some cheese and that is enough.

We sit with friends in Vines for a bit while I sip a hot toddy.
Hopefully this will aid in me sleeping soundly and ease the sore throat.

Bernie is out wandering the ship participating in some trivia and enjoying himself I am sure.

It will be a restful night for me. I finish watching the documentary move called Step (loved it) and will watch another movie.  Perfect night!

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