Thursday, February 1, 2018

St. Thomas

It is hard to believe it is February 1st.  And then to be at sea and even be surprised it is Thursday.  Especially when you are on ten day itinerary.  When we sail week long sailings, if it is Thursday it is Puerto Vallarta.  But the days all become a blur and the only time I pay attention is if we go ashore and see others heading to their office jobs and I realize then that it is a week day.

I wanted to go back to last night.  We finally made it to the Production Show Encore and boy did it not disappoint.  It is a very different show featuring the singers with the dancers taking a beautiful role as back up singers and dancing.  The orchestra just takes it over the top and the set is very stunning.  Oh and the outfits are so beautiful.  We were sitting right up close and I could see how intricate the dresses were – must have been very expensive.

Okay back to today.  We wake when we hear the call that we have clearance to go ashore at just after 8 am.  We look out and yes we are docked and we are the only ship in port today.  I don’t ever remember it being so quiet here in St. Thomas all the years we have been. Room service delivers breakfast right then too.

Originally our intention was to go to Sapphire Beach but it was overcast when we woke and it looked like rain and so we decided to wait.  Well on came the tv and we watched the movie “Three Billboards of Ebbing”.  I really enjoyed it.

So now it is 10 am and they are doing the crew emergency drill so we dress and head ashore.  We have decided to not go to the beach and instead we head ashore to do some walking and exploring.

First if you go ashore here remember to bring some sort of government ID as they do ask for it when returning to the ship and to get in the gate.

Paradise Point cable car is missing two towers
trees at Havenisght 
pathway closed

We walk along the water and past the harbour shops.  Signs of the destruction from Hurricane Irma are all over.  It is apparent that the sidewalk that use to hug the water is not there right past the Harbor Shops.  We have to back track and walk along the side walk along the roadway.

We see a stream bed that has trees toppled over it and even a traffic light is in there.

Numerous fences, signs, roofs, and buildings still show signs of destruction.  Those that are open may have issues – like not all stock, no wifi or electricity, missing displays etc.
But it is amazing how strong the locals are and they are working hard at getting it all back to normal.

We are downtown Charlotte Amalie and we try to cross the street but many of the street lights are down and after trying to get to one that is working we give up and safely make it across with the help of the locals stopping for us.

Our first stop is the store Local Color (we stopped at the shop at Havensight last sailing).  This is a bigger store and they have bamboo cloth t-shirts and the prices seem a little less than at Havensight.  Bernie buys two and I get one.

We keep strolling and we stop in at this store that Bernie always checks out when here.  It is called S.O.S. Antiques and they specialize in coins and treasures from the sea.  As Bernie is looking at pendants (he has always wanted a coin) I am checking things out.  I hear the woman at the store describe a coin that is Spanish from Peru.  The coin is dated from 1582 and it has a llama on one side which is a symbol of prosperity.  Right away I return to Bernie’s side and I say that coin is meant for you.  Our trip to Peru last year was life changing and we are very connected to Peru.  Somehow we have been presented with this coin and it was meant for him.  So he gets it and adds it to his necklace that has the happy Buddha jade pedant. 

It is very warm out and we wander into a shop called Bones.  They make rum called Bones on the island.  We love the name!  Jakeba is behind the counter and she encourages us to try some samples.  Oh very nice!

They also have numerous flavors of frozen drinks that you can buy and then add your own rum!  My kind of place.

As we sit there chatting with Jakeba, Bernie works on those that are coming in the store.  You would think he was trying to get a job.  We buy a bottle of rum for our friend - $24 per bottle or $21 if you buy more than one.

You can find their shop right on the waterfront at International Plaza.  Their website is

We keep walking to the main street and it is very obvious a lot of shops have not opened up since the storm but there are still enough to keep you coming to town. 

For lunch we stop at Gladys’ CafĂ© (we have dined here before many years ago).  Their website is

We are sat right away and our waiter is very helpful in getting us our first round of drinks.  A Bushwacker for me and for Bernie a Pain killer!  Don’t ask me what is in them but they sure did taste good.  While waiting for our food to come I accidentally knocked over my ¾ full glass and the woman running the restaurant told me “no worries, no worries”.  She moved us back one table and quickly brought me a new Bushwacker even though it was clearly my fault.  Now that is what keeps people coming back.

For our meal I had the jerk chicken sandwich and Bernie got a lobster salad sandwich and both were very good.  Also Gladys has special hot sauces for your to add to your meal for which she sells too.  Great souvenir!

What a great day in St. Thomas with my best friend

We both agree after the few drinks we are ready to head back to the ship.  We walk out to the Waterfront and jump in one of the numerous open-air taxis.  Fare is set at $4 per person one way.  We were the only ones in the taxi and he tried to get others to join.  But when he turned to make another round through town I said we will just get off then and he apologized and proceeded back to the port.  

I know he wants more people to fill his van but going around the downtown again would of added another 20 minutes to the ride the way the traffic is.  We arrived at Havensight and paid the driver $10 and appreciate him getting us back.

Once back on board it is around 2 pm and I head down to the Wheelhouse to play the speedy Sudoku.  Ryan was hosting.  There were not many of us (maybe 6) and it was a hard one.  But I did finish just not in the top 2. But I am just happy to participate.

I walk around a bit and head out on the Promenade deck to watch the happenings ashore.  A lot of people are hung up at the gate because they did not bring government id.

We end up napping for an hour or so – thank you Bushwakers and wake groggy.  The Captain has just announced that we have everyone on board and we drop the lines and we are off to Martinique.

Tonights activities include:  Muts showing Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets at 7 and 10 pm. Princess Theater has Comedy Ventriloquist: Kieran Powell at 8:15 and 10:15, Art Enrichment Series: Thomas Kinkade Seminar, Martini Demonstration at 7:30 in the piazza, Karaoke Madness, Country and Western Night, Evening Game Show is Remember the Lyrics, Bogo (buy one get one for a dollar) 10-11 pm in Club Six, and Word Tennis Challenge in Princess Live.


  1. Great blog, cant wait to get on board

  2. We always stop at S.O.S. Antiques - one of our favorite stops.
    There are some really nice storesthere.