Saturday, February 10, 2018

Third Cruise on Royal Princess

As I wake after a very restless night.  For some reason I just couldn’t sleep.  I was awake until 5 am!

When I do wake Bernie has already gotten the wash in and I grudgingly get up and pull out the bags.  We need to change cabins today.  We don’t mind changing cabins, it is easy.  It allows us to pack up items we do not need and to clean everything and organize again. 

We are in a sideways inside midship.  Wow the storage in here is amazing.  We were in a deluxe Balcony and I find those cabins just don’t have enough storage.  This one has an extra bank of drawers, shelves on the side of the desk, an extra cupboard with three shelves!

Check out the cabins video I did that has all cabin types on the Royal/Regal/Majestic 

In transit passengers (meaning those that are staying on for the next leg) for which there are almost 400 of us, are told to meet in the Princess Theater at 9:30.  Disembarkation is running ahead of schedule and they make announcements that everyone should go to their lounge early.  

Bernie has gone off to get a haircut, a manicure, pick up some wine and some items we have run out of – sunscreen, conditioner, and some sleep aid for me.  I am staying on as I really need to rest and I would be way to grumpy. 

All us in transits head off the ship, going off the ship with our old car.  In the terminal we are taken downstairs in the terminal and told to take a seat.  

While waiting they inform us that it is taking a bit longer due to a medical emergency, and they are waiting for an ambulance.  

Of course the people in the lounge start to grumble and complain that they disembarked them already last night!  I mention that there must be a new patient as they would not say that unless it is true.  

Later I did find out that one of the in transit passengers was trying to head to the lounge and called 911 on board and said their spouse was not breathing.  Medical attended right away and the patient was taken away in an ambulance.  We wish them well.

Once the ship has received the zero count a custom agent is there and all we do is open up our passport to our photo page and show the agent and walk right by. Back up the elevator and right on board.  In all the whole process took about an hour.

Take note that they have free wifi in the terminal so it was easy to update my phone and also install an app from CBC Olympics so we can follow the results of the Olympics while on board.

Once back on board I head straight to the new cabin and unpack and fold everything and get thing straightened out.  Bernie walks in the door soon after.

I still need a nap so Bernie leaves and I crawl into bed.  I manage to sleep for a short while (about an hour) until the announcement comes on for Muster.

We meet up with Roy and Sandra who have just gotten on for 20 days in Vines.

Stefan our wonderful server in Vines

So nice to see them again.

Tonight we already know we need to have an early night.  We head upstairs for dinner in the Horizon Court.  They had Pho soup!  You just let them know what you want in it and they prepare it for you and deliver it to you too.  So yummy.
We then attend the Welcome Aboard Show where Matt hosts and wow there are 800 Canadians! The comedian A.J. Smith does a segment and he is hilarious.

met up with Helga who follows my blog

After the show we stop in the Essence Boutique to buy some cologne for a friend.  If you buy $100 in the shops the first three days you get an extra 10% off, also elites get an additional 10%.  Should note too that the cologne we bought was charged at the wrong price. I thought the total price was high and looked at the bill when we left and yup the scan put in the wrong price than what was on the tag.  We returned to the store and the staff corrected it immediately - of course these things can happen but check your bills

It has been a difficult day, with being so tired, but Princess makes it effortless.

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  1. Yay I love coming home to Princess and meeting you and Bernie is a massive bonus!