Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sea Day

Well the Captain has warned us that we will encounter heavy winds and he was right.  The ship is moving but it handles well and I feel this ship handles weather better than the Grand Class.  Although there are some that are feeling the effects of the movement.  

We head upstairs to go to the Sanctuary but the entire Retreat Pool is closed off, which also mean the Sanctuary is closed off too.  

Although this doesn’t seem to stop people from going past it.  This is really a dumb thing.  There is a real reason they have closed it off and by you going past the barricade you are putting yourself and the crew at risk.

It is still very sunny out but very windy.  So the pool deck is busy with those soaking up as much sun as they can.  It is way too windy for us.

We head inside and enjoy a relaxing coffee and do some reading and writing.  

Lots of activities going on to keep you busy all day.

Guess what?  We actually went to the dining room for lunch.  It was rather quiet too.  I had a lovely salad and then the sole for my entrĂ©e.  

Afterwards we wander around visiting with friends, watching activities, and then back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.

The evening is a formal night.  We dress and meet friends at the Elite/Platinum Lounge in Club 6.  It is nice to see everyone but it is rather busy in here and noisy and with the drinks now being $6.50 each there is no real draw for us to go to it.  

Tonight’s dinner is Mexican Night upstairs in buffet and we enjoy a lovely meal there.  

We wander around, including walking on the sun deck to watch a bit of the MUTS movie Murder on the Orient Express but it is still very windy – warm, but windy.  Bernie gets his mandatory snack of popcorn.

Down on deck 7 we stroll from one end to the other and check in on the activities.  We really do not feel in the mood for anything.  It is early (9 pm) and we agree to just go back to the cabin and watch a movie.  

We watched Same Kind of Different.  Oh it is such a lovely feel good movie.

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