Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Formal Night and Medical Emergency

Photo stations are set up all over the ship to capture everyone.  

The Horizon Court is hosting a Captain’s Gala Buffet.
The production show tonight is Colors of the World 8:15 and 10:15.

The Casino is smoke free tonight too.

Movies Under the Stars is showing Battle of the Sexes at 7 pm and 10 pm.

There is a new trivia called Dizzy for Disney Trivia.  And then the Where in the World Am I Game Show – we played it last cruise so we won’t go again.

The Alley Cats are back for the Acapella Doo Wop show in Vista Lounge 8:30 and 10:30.

Buzzword Gameshow at 10:15.

We meet up with Alice in Vines for a drink.  

While enjoying out drink the Captain comes on.  Again we know this is not normal and something is up.

Captain Nash announces that there are three passengers on board that have serious medical conditions that require treatment ashore.  They looked at all options, including landing them somewhere, and even helicopter evacuation. 

The best option was to head back to Port Everglades as fast as we can to get them to medical attention in the United States.

Captain stated that we should be along side pier 2 at around 9 pm on the 7th of February, around 10 hours earlier than scheduled.  

When we arrive the three patients will be allowed to disembark but all other guest must stay on board until the next morning when custom agents are there to clear the ship and pass the guests through the proper channels.

We are praying for the patients and that all will be well.  
In all our cruises we have experienced many people having to disembark because of medical issues.  We have had helicopter evacuations at sea.  But we have never had to return to the port early to disembark passengers and then wait on board until the next day.

The remaining evening was rather quiet.

We had dinner at the Horizon Court where they had amazing food.  They had three different platters with shrimp in three different sauces.  Bernie was excited to see bowls with caviar!  

There was a Where in the World Am I game show where the points decreased the later you answered them.  We fared well but not good enough to win.

We are tired tonight and we wander the ship not sure what to do?  We both would like to see the Alleycats, or the Production Show Colors of the World but we both agree we would probably fall asleep during them.  So we head back to the cabin.

Note because we are heading back to Fort Lauderdale and will arrive tomorrow we have to put our clocks back an hour tonight instead of tomorrow.

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