Sunday, February 11, 2018

St. Thomas

Yesterday Captain Nash did inform us that we would be arriving late into St. Thomas due to the winds.  Better to get here safely than to put the ship at risk.  So we are now scheduled to arrive at 9:30 instead of 8.  But we are extending our stay here until 7 pm instead of 6 pm.

When we wake at 8 Bernie heads up for some breakfast and he returns saying it is very busy up there.  The crowds are antsy to get off the ship.  

Sadly people get mad that the elevators are busy, but the age on this cruise is older (although there are a lot of younger people too) and most take the elevators so it is just something you have to deal with.  And of course at the prime times, like when shows get out, as soon as we arrive in port they are all very busy.  

My advice is just wait patiently.  Another tip is head to the aft elevators and head down to deck 7 from there walk midship or forward then down to the gangway if you can physically manage it.  Also elevator etiquette is required.  Make room for others to get on by moving back in the elevator and also let people out before barging in.

The Olympics are happening on this voyage.  Matt our Cruise Director is keeping us up to date with the medal count and some highlights during the Wake Show.  Also the LCD screens at the elevator banks is updated two times a day with the medal counts by country.  Thanks we all really appreciate this!

We get off around 10:30 am and board a open air taxi to head to Sapphire Beach.  The cost is $10 per person and took about a half hour (we did make a few stops first for others).

I last visited this beach maybe 20 years ago and I wanted Bernie to try a new beach.  

Damage from Hurricane - half the church is gone

Boy driving around the island you see how much damage has happened on the island.  FEMA has a base here and have taken over a few open spaces, including a baseball field to hold debris.  At one spot we saw around 500 fridges that have been collected.  FEMA also has a ship at Crown Bay docked to handle the workers as there just are not enough hotels open yet.

In fact Princess would often brings new crew on in St. Thomas but since the hurricane and the lack of hotels this has not happened this season.

Sapphire Beach is not busy, but more people arrive as the day continues.

Lounge chairs are $9 each and there is a bar, restaurant, water sports rental, restrooms, and even showers.  
There are numerous trees that can provide shade if necessary.

Also there is a taxi stand with a taxi right there to take you back to the ship when necessary.

The winds are still high and it shows in the water. 

Snorkeling is not possible today due to the high winds, visibility would be minimal.

We enjoyed the water and the waves.

We had drinks and lunch here and all was very good.

We left around 2:30 and the taxi ride was direct and much shorter.

Back on board we keep on our suits and head up to the Retreat Pool for some more sun.  

I end up falling asleep up there! Oh it was so nice – windy too.

We are now back in the cabin and we have a half hour before sail away.  

Dinner tonight is the Crown Grill with Roy and Sandra.  Can’t wait to spend some quality time with them.  Good friends like them are extra special.

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