Saturday, February 24, 2018


Oh what a fun night that was and I sleep so very soundly.  When I wake we are already docked in Grenada.

I get my blog written for yesterday and posted.  Bernie calls from upstairs to say that there is no reason to rush to the Sanctuary as a rain shower is passing.

I take my time. I get dressed, gather my items for a day of relaxation and head up to the Pastry Shop on Lido to get my soy latte.

The wonderful Indonesian crew member (sorry can’t recall his name) is so sweet and makes me a special latte made with love he says and it has an interesting foam art.  But can't post that picture.  Ahhh….

I get into the Sanctuary and you can see that we have had a downpour.  The chairs are covered though and it is relatively quiet in here.

When the rain stops though it is like a sauna and very hot!
I don’t think I am lounging for more than a few minutes when I need to get up and cool off in the pool.

Looks like quite a few people stayed on board.  We do love Grenada and the beach is our go to thing to do here but since we have an early departure and the skies are not cooperating we decide to stay on. 

Another great thing to do here is get a yummy meal. Our favorite is BB’s Crab Shack.

For those that like to tour – check out Fort George or head further afield to experience the spice island and what it has to offer.

Again the rains start and we all take shelter in the Sanctuary cabanas. 

The poor staff are so busy with covering the lounges, uncovering the lounges, changing towels, covering them again when it rains and repeating. 

At one point they all had on rain slickers – they nicknamed themselves the penguins.  Oh aren’t they adorable, but boy do they work hard.

We are in port with Jewel of the Seas an RCL ship.  It sure is small compared to us.

At 12:45 I head down to the Wheelhouse to partake in the Speedy Sudoku.  Kimmy is still there hosting the Jenga game and take a look at this Jenga tower!  

Nathalie is hosting the Sudoku.  There are not many of us but she makes it feel like we are the special ones to be attending this game with her.  Although I did not win, it is always fun to participate.  So try something new when on board next time.

I head up to the Horizon Court for lunch and it is an absolute ZOO!  Crowds of people force their way to the food items.  I have to strategically make my move to whatever is open.  I grab a big plate of salad and then aim for the toppings. I give up on some that there is no way I will get to without loosing a limb.

Of course it is crazy in here.  Everyone is just getting back on board and they are hungry.  Also the skies have opened and it is driving everyone indoors so why not eat.
I take what I can and head back to the tranquility of the Sanctuary to eat it.

All aboard is 1:30 and the horn is sounded.  It appears there are a few people missing.  The horn sounds again.  Names are called, then names again.  It seems a family is still not back.

The gentleman beside us went off to investigate and came back saying a family was on the pier and they made it back on board just in time.  

We finally did leave and we noticed another ship (A Thompson Ship) is waiting to get in.  The pilots quickly get off our ship and head out to the other ship to lead them in. 

The rest of the afternoon was lovely. The rain stopped, or maybe the Captain just dodged all the rain clouds.  Either way I was appreciative and I am sure the Serenity Stewards were happy too.

I read a lot of my book and stared out at the seas.

At one point I watched a few sea birds (sorry no idea what they were) soaring in the air and couldn’t help notice how graceful they were.  I was just mesmerized and felt so lucky to be on this beautiful ship at this time. 

Of course as our vacation comes closer to the end I always reflect and get a little emotional and I am always so thankful for the blessing that have come our way.

I hope that others on cruises take the time to stop and enjoy the moment.  Take a look at that beautiful sky.  Spot the wildlife around you in the ocean and in the sky.  Listen to that song and the words.  Feel the wind on your face.  

And even more so that special person you are travelling with. Grab their hand and squeeze it tight.  We are all so blessed!

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