Monday, February 5, 2018


Well I did not have a great night.  All that food and drink has me awake at 1:00 am and I get up and head out on the balcony and read. I think we are passing Curacao.  It is actually nice being out here.  Around 4 am I head back in and fall asleep rather easily.

I wake at 9 and we are docked.  We are in with an Aida ship.  It is very hot and humid!

We head off with Ben and Isabella for sushi at 11:30.  
Originally we thought about heading to the beach but after two days of a lot of sun we decided a break from it was necessary.

We walk around the town a bit, walking in and out of stores, but don’t buy anything.

Back on board around 3 pm we are hot and sticky from being ashore, we grab a cold drink from the International CafĂ©.  I love the Kiwi Lime Coolers, which are one punch on the coffee card.

We are back in the cabin and we watch one episode of Frankie and Grace on Netflix and we have a hard time staying awake.  We fall asleep for a quick nap.

Just up now we are dressing for the evening.

We haven’t been to the Elite Lounge much this voyage.  Some trips are like that.  Roy and Sandra arrive next voyage so I am sure we will be there more often then.

Tonight we are definitely heading to Horizon Court as it is British Indian Buffet, one of our favorites.

cricket bat 

Entertainment is Ye Olde Pub Night at 9:15 in Vista, Comedy and Magic with Scott Alexander, Runway at Sea Fashion Show, Famous Faces Trivia, Stargazing with Discovery at sea, Princess Pyramid Game Show, and so much more. 

I am not writing about everything that is happening as it is getting a bit redundant – you can check past blogs for more details, especially the first cruise that started Jan 19.

We are now on our way from Aruba.  We did have a small emergency fire on Lido deck that was dealt with very quickly and safety.  Everything is okay, in fact I slept thru the entire thing, but Bernie told me about it when I woke.

Passengers now have two sea days to rest up after all the port days.  It is really interesting watching the ebb and flow of a cruise as passengers start to understand the workings of being on a ship, how to get somewhere and what to do. 

First port day many don’t know how to get to the gangway, to have their cruise card ready, etc.  But today they are all pros!

The next two days will see people unwinding and relaxing before getting off.  Although we often notice people getting short and losing patience with family and friends they have been travelling with, others will embrace the time together.  What would you be experiencing?

Thanks for following.  I am struggling on what to write each day.  Some days I have more to write about others not so much, so bear with me as I travel.  Also as the minutes dwindle down in our free internet package we get with being above Platinum I have to ration what I can use.  Wifi is still the same but the issue is loading some pages and Facebook is one of them and of course loading pictures takes a long time.  

Thank you for understanding.

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