Wednesday, February 14, 2018

St. Lucia

We dock early (8 am) and I am sure many people on board are happy that they can go ashore.

Although once again the weather looks a little unpredictable.  Now as you all know I am a glass half full kind of girl and I prefer to look at the blue skies, instead of the grey skies in the distance.  Sure we will get hit with rain but hey this rain will be warm and I am not at work!

We stepped off the ship around 11 am and walked through the port area to the ferry dock (go to the left) that takes you right down town.  The cost is $3 one way or $5 return, per person.  It is a short ride and they drop you right beside the other pier in the heart of down town Castries,  St. Lucia.

The downtown is bustling with locals out for their lunch breaks and workers rushing around.

I have always enjoyed being a part of the “real” city.  Where we stand out as some of the only tourists around.  We weave our way around the streets, popping our heads in stores and saying hello to passersbys. 

We once again brought our Canadian temporary tattoos and we hand out around 50 of them to the local kids.  Some kids are excited and want to put it on right away, others are hesitant and not sure what they are.  But all are polite and thankful, even if Mom or Dad has to remind them to say Thank You.  Kids are the same all over the world.

As we were strolling a passing shower hits, and it hits hard with winds taking the rain sideways.  We take shelter under the awning of a store.  The store workers are trying to cover up their tables on the sidewalk.  As they struggle to try to move a small table with stuff Bernie grabs one end and helps her move it into the store.

After about five minutes the rain has passed and we ask for a recommended local restaurant.  We are directed to Carro’s two blocks away.

It is a small little establishment with maybe six tables and a counter to order your food.  A chalk board identifies the specials.

I order the baked chicken and Bernie gets the fish with salad.  We also add a drink and we are surprised that the entire meal only cost $20 US.   Note prices were in Eastern Caribbean dollar, but they converted to US (of course not the best exchange rate but beats getting EC).

After lunch we wander back towards the large open air market and look at the numerous stalls with for sale items. 


Again the skies open and we take shelter till it stops a few minutes later.

Here is the view of the ship from the market when the rains hit! 

We walk back to the ship from here – about a 15 minute easy/flat walk. 

Once back at the port we walk around the shops and stop at a bar that is offering some rum with a little bit of punch!  Boy were they strong and a good deal – 2 for $8.  Free wifi allows us to update our phones, download podcasts, and connect with family and friends. 

I am thankful for this as I have an aunt back in Quebec who has been unwell and we are quite worried about her.  You are in our thoughts Aunt Ginette.

Back on board, Bernie is feeling little pain and heads back to the cabin to crash.  I head upstairs and run into Margaret and we sit and enjoy scones for her, and a cupcake for me.

I love these impromptu meetings and chats with fellow passengers.

For dinner tonight we meet up with Michael, his Mom Margaret and niece Jennifer.  The theme tonight is Greek night and they are also hosting the Crab Shack.  Again if you like crab you really need to sign up for the crab shack.  Amazing deal and so much food!

After dinner we wander around handing out some Valentine treats we have. The crew are away from home and missing loved ones and if we can make their days a bit brighter we are happy to. 

They are decorating for Valentine’s Day (which is tomorrow) and looks lovely.  I will get some pictures and post later when I get fast internet.

It has also been decided that the Love Boat Disco Deck Party is moving inside to the Atrium.  The winds and incumbent weather makes it unsuitable to have the party on the open deck. 

We take seats in Vines and watch the action.  I even got up to dance to a song.  Big mistake as ankle swelled up very quickly after that jumping around.  Silly me!  Well it has only been a month since the cast came off.

The Cruise staff really get things hopping!  They danced non stop from beginning to end! 

The music kept the Atrium pumping and people danced in all areas creating a party atmosphere.  Sure it is not the open deck but it was a good time! 

Matt O the Cruise Director got really involved too.  He was even leading the Congo Line and many of the dances.  

Passengers Love HIM!  And so do I.

We are in bed just before midnight.  Tomorrow is Barbados. 

It has been a lovely day!

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