Thursday, January 31, 2013


I want to back track a bit to cover our meal last night in Sabatinis.  After the night in Crown Grill we had said we would not dine at the specialty restaurants again but boy are we ever glad we did.  Tonight we stop by Sabatinis just prior to our reservation and ordered some wine so they could put it on ice and open when we arrive.  We head over to Adagio for a drink and we can hear they are doing the sports trivia and Corey is hosting.  It is so nice to see him again after spending a month on the Star we got to know him well.  He is happy to be back on board and is well rested after a two month break and visit home to New Zealand.

We meet up with the other four and have a quick drink and some olives!  Make sure you try the olives here!  They are so good.

When we are sat at Sabatinis for 8 we already can feel the diference.  It isn’t as busy as Crown was and the waiter and head waiter are immediately offering us menus and opening and pouring wine.  We see that there is a new hostess and we all comment to each other on the differences.

Tonight I really wanted to have the sea bass as it is something I have never had but have always wanted but it is a dish that is served for two and I have never found someone to share it with.  Tonight Bill says he will have it with me but our waiter offers to get it and have it for the middle of the table for all of us to share and we are tickled pink this is just perfect!

I start with the Calamari then have I have to have the mushroom tart and both were so good – but I made sure not to eat the entire dish so that I still had room for my entrée.  The pasta course is served next and it is good but again too much and I have to stop myself from eating all that they put on my plate.  For my entrée I love the lobster three ways but I don’t really want the tail what I really want is the risotto and they are happy to provide, but are very concerned that it won’t be enough and offer to add more to the dish and more lobster.  I say I am good with the regular portion but I get a large bowl of risotto with tons of lobster meat in it and even with sharing it with the tablemates it is way too much.  I should also add the sea bass is prepared in a salt crust that is served table side.  The waiter cuts off the salt and debones the fish there and serves succulent chunks of fish on a platter for the table.   It is so good and I have another favorite dish at Sabatinis.

For dessert I once again have the Napolean and a latte and we are all so happy with the food and service and I thank Bill and Cathy for suggesting it.  We thank the waiter and head waiter for a great meal and we don’t hesitate to tip extra tonight as we really appreciate it.

We need to wander and walk off this meal a bit.  After a few minutes we end up at Crooners cause Kory Simon draws us in with his singing and playing and we spend about an hour there laughing, singing along and having our food settle a bit. 

Another Great Day!

Now for Barbados…..

We wake and we both feel tired and grumpy…. Third port day in a row and we really miss those sea days.  We also have another tour planned today and we should know better we get tired of having too many things organized and maybe should of planned better but what is done is done. 

We wake, and Bernie heads upstairs for some food and brings me an egg sandwich to tie me over.  We get our bathing suits on and meet the others at 9 in the coffee bar when I get my latte to go.  We are all commenting on how we are tired and needed a later start today so we all grudgingly head ashore.

Oh I should say we are at the industrial pier about 2 km from town so this doesn’t add to our mood very well.  We are trying to find the sign for Antours.  Now for those that have followed my blogs for years you know we love Antours, this is our third tour with them, all of them River Tubing with one year doing the tubing and the Emerald Falls.  Today we are just doing the tubing again.  We finally meet up with the host who has our names and checks all our names off and says that there are four others that are already here but there are a few others still.  So we are lead to a shaded area that has a fence around it where we all giggle commenting that we feel like sheep that are corralled in their pen. 

Finally after about 15 minutes we are directed to two vans where our group of about 22 is divided and we get in and again all our moods are being put to the test as the fan is stifling hot and humid and we are sitting, and sitting and sitting.  Finally some AC starts and we are still waiting but at least the AC is helping.  The driver of the van in front keeps coming back and checking names.  We once again go thru the roll call and he is looking for Bridgitte!  This becomes the running joke as no one knows who Brigitte is and after an hour of waiting around, sitting, corralling, and checking names we are off.

Our driver does outline some of the sights but we are not interested we have been here before, I am tired and we are all still cranky.  We hope the day will improve, or at least our moods will.

Part way to the falls we are told we have a delay because of a scheduling error and we are told that they will take us to the black sand beach to hang out at for a bit until they can get us onto the river.  We are fine with this, but really we don’t have a choice. 

But as soon as we arrive we see this little girl of about four who welcomes us and says hi and how are you and well heck what do I have to complain about really…. And look at this beach!  Look at the water!  And guess what I didn’t have to drive the bus today so I soon change my tune.  And it looks like others are feeling better too as moods have adjusted after this short stop at the beach.

We are driven the short distance to the river and the drop off spot.  Antour is there and he remembers me and he apologizes so much about the error today.  We feel rushed though as another group from another organization arrives and they want to get into the water too.  We are fitted with life jackets and helmets and we are in the water.  The water is high today and this should help with the flow down the river better and hopefully I won’t get stuck too much.

Some of the people in the other van in our group are still cranky, especially  these two women who constantly complain as they go down the river but I try to block out their complaints and focus on the positive.

My butt can still fit in the river tube!  The river is running fast!  I can still fit in the life jacket!  The trees that surround the river are lush and work like a beautiful canopy for my transport!  The guides are fast and very helpful and getting us out of areas when we get stuck!  And I can physically still do these exciting excursions!

We are met at the end (which took about 40 minutes) by Antour who soon has us drinking beer, water or Kennedy rum punch…. All is right in the world and we are all laughing in our bus on the ride back. 

I am so tired as soon as I get on board I am struggling to stay awake…. Heck I am on holidays and a nap is in order and I crash.  I slept for a few hours and wake just as we are pulling out but I don’t feel guilty I needed it.

Tonight’s drink of the day is the mojito in Skywalkers and I hear that there is one with my name on it, well actually two!  We meet up with Bill and Cathy and Mike and Sue. 

At 7:30 we head to the dining room and Elda and Nathanlian are happy to see us again and we are happy to see them too.  I start with the pear and pineapple salad, then apple soup, then the fish kabobs and all is very good.  Of course a bottle of Santa Margaritta makes it taste so much better.

Tonight we opt to see Rolling Jay Moore in the Princess theater, of course as soon as he comes out we recognize him and we laugh our heads off but we are tired!  Go figure!   Other things going on tonight are Muts Pitch Perfect, Beatles Maniacs in Club Fusion, Majority Rules and Karaoke Madness and of course the regular bands.

Another great day!

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  1. We love keeping up with your posts, Vickie. Makes us feel like we are still there from the cruise before... it's like reliving each day all over again! David and I did river tubing in Dominica and we loved it.