Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second Sea Day – Monday

Bethoven - who was on the Star in SA with us
I love my sea days!  Forced relaxation!  But I wake and still feel so tired, again my allergies, which are triggered by food/drink are causing me issue.  I took my antihistamine last night but I still have sinus pressure.  Oh well it isn’t going to ruin my day and I know it will ease if I get out and about.

We are excited today because there is Zumba!  Salt and Pepper aka Lexi and Leesh will be doing a session in Club Fusion first thing this morning.   Princess had a session on turnaround day for many of the cruise staff from three different ships (Grand, Caribbean and us) to get some of them certified to teach classes.  Lexi and Leesh say they are nervous and that they have been working very hard and staying up extra late practicing the routine.   But as soon as the class gets underway they are so professional and helpful that they look like they have been doing it forever. 

Bernie and I work hard to keep up with their steps but it is hard since this is the first time we have done many of these steps before.  We had a hard time hearing them and it would have been better if they would have had a hands-free microphone, and if they could of turned around so we could of followed their steps.  But we are looking forward to the next session and will definitely attend and hopefully we will look a little better and know more steps.

After a shower Bernie heads up to Horizon Court for a light snack then some sun and reading and I head to the Atrium for the Showcase at Sea event again.  It doesn’t seem to be as well attended as the last cruise session.  I don’t recall the dancers walking around taking pictures but I may have just missed that as I came a little late.  

The photography table was once again located right on the main dance area of the Piazza and again it was very hard to get to and maneuver to and from it.  Robert from the casino was once again doing his blackjack for muffins but because of this it takes time at his station which allows us to connect with him more and learn more about the casino.  I collect my draw tickets and then take a seat at the coffee bar with Sue and we chat with the bar staff and Bethoven makes us smile as he does a few moves for us.  I don’t win anything in the draw but it was fun participating.

Robert serving the ante of a muffin for blackjack
I head up to the Sun deck for a short while as it is very windy and a few dark clouds but it is still very nice and don’t be fooled the sun is still very strong and the sunburns tonight proves it.  We decide to head to the dining room for lunch and are sat at a table of six with four women, two from Edmonton, one from Dallas who is joining us on Silvermoon in Barbados and another lady from Fort Lauderdale.  I had the stuffed peppers and really enjoyed it. 

When we get back to the cabin we are treated to a lovely bouquet of flowers from our friend Johan, what a sweetie and it makes our day.

Sue and Mike invite us and Bill and Cathy for some wine in their cabin.  Well how can I describe the next four hours…..  wine, more wine, more wine and lots and lots of laughs.  What a fun afternoon and we can’t believe four hours have gone past and we definitely need some food.  We head up to Café Caribe tonight as it is Mexican themed dinner and it is very good. 

After dinner Bernie and I wander around the ship.  We see Kory Simon (the piano player from Crooners) is in Explorers tonight and the place is packed.  Princess theater is hosting Michael Wilson the Vocal Impressionist but both of us are tired and we don’t think we can handle an entire show so we just walk around and head into the stores on board.  Bernie chats with Michelle and I chat with Sara, then we head to Facets to chat with Courtenay and Natalia – they are so nice and they are going to be busy for this cruise as they are busy doing inventory. 

We head aft to check out what is happening in Club Fusion and we see Corey (who we sailed with last fall on the Star with but haven’t had a chance to talk to) and Leesh who are hosting the Lyrical Miracle Game Show, Bernie and I come in late so we just take a seat at the bar and play along.  It is a fun playing along and it is even more fun watching the others play along too.  It is a game where one person from the team has to get up to show Leesh the answer for their team and this really gets people moving and participating and it creates energy.

But it is now just before 11 and we are beat…. I know I sound old, and I am not but we are ready for some relaxation and sleep.  We watch the wake show (it is shown at night as well) and see they say that tomorrow in Antigua we all need to be on board for 4:30 and that is what is shown in our itinerary.  But someone made a mistake as the day’s Patter clearly states on the front of it, and inside as well that all aboard is 5:30.  We know to be back on at 4:30 though and are looking forward to our tour in Antigua.


  1. wish I was back there- sitting at work, daydreaming- think I can stow away in your room???

    Lori Baine

  2. I noticed a guy with a Isla De Margarita shirt on in one of your pictures. Does Princess stop at that port? We went there once and enjoyed it but I haven't seen it on any itenaries. Just wondering.... Enjoy your day in Antigua :) Debbie C.

    1. i believe that was from another cruise Bill was on and yes it was princess

  3. I remember Bethoven very well at the International Cafe on the Grand! Got to chat with him daily while we had our brew! He was great!

  4. i will share your comment Louise with Bethoven he will be tickled pink