Friday, January 11, 2013

Emerald - Here We Come - Again

Just finished my last shift before we sail.  It has been rather cold here lately so I am dreaming of warm weather, sand, waves, cold drinks, and the ocean.  Isn't that a great feeling, sure it feels great but it still doesn't feel "real".  But it is real, I don't have to turn the wheel for five weeks, yup five weeks. 

I know I know - you are asking how can you have so much vacation.  Well I have worked for the same company for 15 years so I get four weeks a year (next year I get an extra week).  And as you know we drive transit so the buses run every day of the year, including every holiday.  So when you are at home enjoying your Christmas Dinner, or your Easter Egg hunt, we are both driving.  But don't worry, we get an extra two weeks off a year to cover those statutory holidays that everyone else gets.  So there is my six weeks vacation I get.  For this trip I am using four of my annual weeks and I am taking an extra week off in banked overtime, trades and one day leave of absence. 

Next question we get asked all the time.  How can you afford it?  Well first we don't have kids, that saves a ton.  Second, we don't do much when we are not travelling.  We rarely eat out or go to bars, or movies, or plays etc.  We would rather save that money for a trip.  Third, we live in a condo that is close to our work and we have only one car.  Just having one car saves us around $7,000 a year (which covers a lot of cruises).  So that is how we pay for it.

Okay back to my excitement and last day of work.....

I am now home, trying to do a bunch of last minute things, but this time we need to do a few more things as we have a friend staying at our house while we are away.  So I need to clean the house completely.  I am sure some of you understand.  So everything is getting washed, dusted, moped, swept, vacuumed.... well you know the routine.

All little last trinkets have been purchased.  A friend on board has their two year old son and I know he will be celebrating his birthday soon so I got a little something for him.  Also there are quite a few birthdays while we are on board too, so cards have to be purchased and filled out.  Of course Bernie has been busy stock pilling his chocolates to hand out and even some special chocolates for friends and crew.

I have been fighting with the new version of Itunes to update my iphone with music and videos..... argh but I think I got it.

Then of course there is my facebook fan page to update too.  Thankfully there is hootsuite where I can post questions or comments and then schedule them while we are away so that my fans are not feeling ignored.  You can find my facebook fan page -  here:  Cruising Princess Cruiseline With Vickie

But all in all I wouldn't pass up all this stress and excitement for the world. Bernie and I love to sit and chat and go thru our lists and discuss what to bring or not to bring. 

And we know that in a few short days we will be in Florida getting on board the lovely Emerald Princess.


  1. me too- work done, and getting ready to finish packing. Can't wait to finally meet you guys!
    Lori and Jeff Baine

  2. Have a great time Vicki and Bernie. I regret we didn't meet on the Star Princess cruise to Mexico in Sept. Maybe next time. I really enjoy your blogs and wish you a happy journey.

    Also, no need to explain anything. I hope oneday when our kids reach the age of being on their own, my wife Joyce and I will have the luxury to do the same thing. BTW..I told her when we retire we are moving into a large motorhome bus and moving around so the kids won't find us! lol

    Kenn M

  3. have a fantastic time, so looking forward to reading all your posts,
    regards Hilare

  4. thanks Kenn, I too would sell everything and rent a small one bedroom or a motorhome too but so far haven't been able to talk Bernie into it. I love your idea too it would not be too exciting for kids to move back home if it is a motorhome.

  5. Enjoy your trip, you don't need to explain how you're able to take a nice long vacation, we all work hard so we can afford vacations. We will see you on Emerald's January 26th cruise.

  6. thanks Anonymous, you are right I shouldn't have to justify it. But i know people are always wondering and I guess I feel a little guilty and I shouldn't. We do work hard and we save and save for these trips. See you soon