Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday Night

I did attend the line dancing class that was taught by Leesh, she was so patient and helpful and made it fun.  For those that attend the Island Deck Party there is a segment that is choreographed and this is the section they are teaching us.  Jeannie told me she was going so I thought heck why not, and even more exercise today.

After the class I wander around and end up in the coffee bar for an iced vanilla latte and while there a few people come by and we catch up.  Just like at home and our local coffee bar.

We attend the Captain Circle Party in the Club Fusion which really is probably the worst location to hold it but they are limited to locations.  I much prefer the Vista Lounge type location but this ship doesn’t have that type of lounge.  The Club Fusion just doesn’t hold enough people and it is very dis jointed and views are blocked.  The place is packed and I wonder how the later party went.  The Captain was not here tonight but it was attended by the Staff Captain Jon Paule Bryant who is from Britain but now lives in Maple Ridge just down the road from us.  I know that the Captain did attend the second party.  Three bottles of champagne were drawn but we were not so lucky.  

We make our rounds around and stop in to Facets to see group there and then over to say hi to the crew at the Coffee Bar then Alice wants to go to the casino for a bit and we are not bringing her any luck so we head out to Adagio bar to attend the Food Trivia and we didn’t do too bad but did not win.

Alice and I make reservations at Sabatinis for the next night and then we head down to the dining room for dinner.  Elda and Nathanlian are waiting for us.  The night was full of laughs and great food.  I started with the shrimp cocktail then the salad, then the Tilapia that Elda recommended.

Back to the cabin to change into more comfortable clothes and stuff that we don’t mind getting sweaty in.  We make up two drinks and take them up on deck.  There are quite a few people but everyone is sitting and no one is dancing.  We stand and start dancing in place and soon others come up to the dance floor and soon lots of people are here dancing.  Jeff and Jane from my fan page are up here shaking their groove thing too.

The flash mob comes out and then that is my queue and well I think I did pretty good and thankfully I have two more Island Deck Parties to attend to practice.

We are back in the cabin around midnight and we peel off the clothes and throw them in the laundry bag.  What a great day, lots of exercise and lots of laughs!  Perfect!

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  1. Thanks Vickie,
    I am really enjoying the Blog. It is making me think that perhaps this should be our choice for next winter.