Friday, January 25, 2013

Sea Day and Sea Day – Thursday and Friday

Feels nice to know I don’t have to rush and get ready for the port today.  We take our time getting ready, we would love to have breakfast in the dining room; however it closes at 9 here, I much prefer the 9:30 that the Star closed at. 

We make our way up to the Horizon Court and well how do I describe it, a Zoo!  Not surprising since many are sleeping in today and missed the dining room just like us.  We have a light bite to eat and then head down to International Café for our coffee/tea and to catch up.  But the Bijoux sale is about to start and they are lining up and events in the Piazza are gearing up so finish up and then decide what next.

Beverly our waiter in the Coffee Bar every day - such a joy to see every day too

Bernie wants to do trivia again and I head out to find a quiet place to read and think the Wheelhouse would be good but darn it, it is closed because the pub lunch would be in there in an hour.  So I head aft to Club Fusion where the trivia is going on but sit at the back and read.  I can hear Bernie’s team, he is happy with his team currently they are having fun and I can hear the laughter coming from them.  This is more like it I think.

Today at MUTS they are showing The Devil Wears Prada so I throw on my bathing suit, lather on the sunscreen and head up to the Sun Deck.  The place is busy but I am able to find a lounge chair on the Sun deck, there were no chairs around the pool available but that is okay I prefer it up one deck where there are less crowds.  I grab two slices of pizza and start watching the movie and an hour into it I remember why I hate watching Movies Under the Stars during the day, the band at the next pool starts up and even though I love the band I hate having to hear it when I am trying to watch a movie.  I give up and head in. 

I decide now is as good a time to relax and maybe get a nap in.  When Bernie comes back to the cabin he naps too and when we wake we are rested and ready to enjoy the evening.

Bernie and Elda with Jasper
We meet up with Lori and Jeff and Alice prior to dinner and we head to the dining room at 7:30.  Elda and Nathanlian aka Nathan are waiting for us.  We ordered a bottle of wine that everyone had been recommending, London Fog and it was delicious and now I can highly recommend it.

Bernie Alice Lori Vickie and Jeff
For our meal I started with the Salad Roll (one of the new items) then the goat cheese with grape tempura soup, both were so yummy.  For my entrée I decided on the Beef Wellington and it was cooked perfectly and very good.  Of course I had the cheese plate for dessert to finish off my wine.

Tonight the show is Blame it on the Boogie, this is their new show and so I want to see it.  We get a seat up close and we are dancing and singing in our seats.  Great show, my only negative comment is the wigs the women wore…. They did not flatter them, but loved the costumes and the singing and the dancing.

We are in bed at 11:30 and ready for our last sea day and last day of this cruise.

Elda turned Bernie's souffle in an a piece of art

Nathan our Junior Waiter

I wake and realize we are rocking a bit more this morning.   This is not uncommon and something we experience when coming back to Florida.  It is overcast and raining, and we both comment oh it is going to be busy inside today.    Bernie ventures up to the Horizon Court and I decide to head to the International Café where I meet up with Alice and Anita and I grab an egg sandwich and yogurt.

There is another sale in the dining room today and the people are lined up twenty minutes prior!  Really!  I do make my way into the sale when the crowds have died down a bit and buy a wallet and a top, the line up to pay was long but it moved fast.

I am back in the cabin relaxing and watching the movie “the Words” on our tv.  I think room service is going to be the ticket for lunch today and more relaxation.

Oh I forgot to mention, when we saw our cabin steward this morning we told him not to worry about our cabin tomorrow, then he told us he was moving to another section starting tomorrow.  Not sure if I am happy or sad, in the end he worked out quite well just took a few days for him to settle in.  He is shy and I think he is new but he definitely has potential.  


  1. Vickie, London fog? Is it my favorite Wente morning fog chardonnay?
    I ordered it once at crown grill as morning frog. lol Followed me the rest of my cruise
    Have fun onboard. Greets from cologne, Germany. Dagmar

  2. Vickie- it was so wonderful to get to know you guys on this trip- THANK YOU!!! We enjoyed all the time we spent with you and look forward to more time on future cruises... Thanks for sharing your time, your knowledge and your friendship. Bernie, you rock at trivia!! Lori and Jeff Baine

    1. we loved meeting you both too, and hope to sail with you again soon - let us know if you head our way
      Vickie & Bernie

    2. we would love to get to BC- keep our fingers crossed- but have future cruise credits in place for our next trip!!! Just have to plan now... Any ideas? Lori