Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antigua – January and who knows what day it is

We arrive at 8 am and as Bernie heads down to get my latte and his tea we relax for a bit as our day doesn’t start until later.  I had a great sleep!  And as Bernie heads up to the International café for a bite to eat I write up yesterday’s blog.

When he returns he tells me a funny story about couples up there…. We laugh our heads off as we see the type all the time.  Normally it is the wife, but certainly it can be the husband too but in this case it was the wife.  Screaming at her husband, “got a table here – here here” he finally comes over and she screams “sit – SIT – SIT” I am giggling just thinking about it.  But obviously these couples have been married for a long time and it works for them.  But I promise Bernie I will never do this to him.

Today we are heading out on a sailboat again, but this time Cathy organized it.  She researched and found Miramar Sailing Team   She booked a lovely sailboat for just the six of us for the day.  The boat was waiting for us as we got off and we met up with Captain Kevin and Tyler his assistant.  We quickly get settled and we motor out of the harbour of St. John’s.  

Bernie spotted Greg right away - the shirt was a dead giveaway
Tyler gives us a safety briefing and we are ready for some fun as he serves us a beverage of choice, but warns us if we are going to go snorkeling we shouldn’t drink.  I take a gingerale and head forward to lay in the sun, but lathered on the sunscreen as the wind and sun combination can be strong. 

We head south and as we travel we pass beautiful stunning gorgeous beaches (any and all would be a great place to spend the day).  We travel for about an hour and a half of sailing we pull into a harbor where we drop anchor and we have the option of swimming or ridding the small dingy to the shore where we will enjoy a lunch.  Bernie, Bill, Sue and I decide to swim in and it is so refreshing.

The meal was very good, chicken, salad, rice, vegetables, and fries with the Suzie hot sauce!  And of course there are beverages.  We stay here for about an hour before making our way back to the boat, which Bernie and I swim to.

this is where we got off and had a lunch

We make our way back to the ship and it is windy and the sailing goes smoothly.  We loved the excursion but we were under the impression that we would have been stopping and snorkeling (although they did say it would be murky and not a lot of visibility because of the wind) we still wanted to go in the water again.  And I know that their website did say they had fishing and Cathy had stated in her email that she wanted fishing but once on board there was no fishing poles.  Well that is ruled out. 

In the end we had a great day and I would recommend Miramar and Kevin/Tyler but felt that we should of gotten what we were stated we would of gotten.  I am sorry Bill missed his fishing too.

We are back on board at 3:30 and we are all aboard at 4:30 I wander up to deck 15/16 to take pictures of the Freedom of the Seas in port beside us and head back to the cabin to shower and get all this salt out of my hair!

We head up to Skywalkers tonight for the sunset and a few cosmos, well a few turned into three each – how can that be we don’t know but Anthony has taken very good care of us and as we leave we realize oh my there was alcohol in those cosmos.

Dinner tonight is the five of us as Mike is missing in action and taking it easy in the cabin.  We are so happy to see Elda and Nathanial again and we quickly tell them so too.  I am happy cause I see the deep fried sushi is on the menu again! 

I start with the Carbarnara Pasta as an appetizer, then I have the coconut soup and well of course you already know I had the deep fried sushi for my entrée and then the cheese plate for dessert.  We have lots of visitors to our table tonight, many want to say hi and Greg introduces us to his beautiful Peruvian girlfriend – what a cute couple. 

But we want to get out as we have arranged to meet up with Johan for some drinks in Vines at 9:30 and the Beatlemaniacs are playing too, but somehow I think we will miss it.  But I really don’t mind we love Johan and we have missed him so much and chatting on facebook just isn’t the same.  We catch up and all of a sudden it is after 11, boy where does the time go? 

Johan - Princess is our family and Johan is family

We get back the cabin and crawl into bed, what a great day, one of many with great friends that made it extra special.  Tomorrow we are in Barbados and the ship is moving.  The Captain did warn us we would have strong winds and well he doesn’t disappoint.  But we don’t mind it, we get rocked to sleep again.

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