Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Bernie is sleeping in today and I head down to get his tea and my latte.  Today we don’t dock until later, 10 am and everyone is dying to get off it looks like.  We meet up with the others in the Atrium at 10 but we see the line to get off is snaked around the entire Atrium and down the hallway.  We decide to head to the forward gangway which has a much shorter line and as soon as we hit the pier we are hit with humidity as a light shower had just passed thru.

The steel drum band is playing and we are dancing down the pier to the main terminal.  The lines and crowds are unbearable but Alice points us towards a shortcut thru Diamonds International…. And no we didn’t stop. 

We are doing a tour with Silvermoon today and we meet up with our transportation person at the proper gate at 10:30 but we are told to wait a bit and they will be right back.  We don’t have to wait long maybe five minutes and the bus returns and the 8 of us take the short ride to the pier where we board Silvermoon Two which we were on two years ago and we are excited to see Stacey as our captain again and Tony is her assistant.  There are four other people already on board, a couple from London England and a Mother/Daughter from the Ukraine.

I get settled in right away on the catamaran in the sun and I can feel any stress I may have had (which is already little) drain.  We are all enjoying the ride out to where we will snorkel with the turtles. 

Tony gets in the water and starts feeding the turtles and they just come all around and they are so docile.  We love this and even though we have done this four times now we get so excited every time.  We spent quite a while in the water with the turtles and we were even able to touch their shells, and often they would swim right up to you and even poke their head out of the water.  Too cute!

We board the boat again and head a bit of ways to a good snorkel spot where a boat was sunk to create an artificial reef and then closer to the shore is a natural reef.  We snorkel for quite some time and loved it, however the visibility was not as great as other trips here, but that may be because of the wind and it stirring up the water.

We board the boat again and we head towards Sandy Lane where we drop anchor and a wonderful catered lunch of fish, chicken, rice, cole slaw, green salad and garlic bread are served.  Of course any type of beverage you want can also be had.  I had a ginger ale earlier and then had a very good rum punch with my meal.  Later on they made fresh pina coladas with Malibu Rum (one of their sponsors).  We were anchored here for an hour so we were able to get back in the water and swim around a bit before board and heading back to the dock.  In all the tour was from 11 to 4, but normally it is earlier as normally we come in earlier.

We had a great time, we always do with Silvermoon – they are professional, courtesy, helpful and fun, we would recommend them again any time.  You can find their website at:  Silver Moon

We are back on board the ship around 4:45 and we need to shower and relax (ha ha ha just writing that we need to relax seems silly) but we may need a nap before dinner, actually Bernie is already napping as I type this.

We were debating on whether to attend the German Buffet again tonight or to go to Sabatinis.  Since the other four would like to go to Sabatinis as they are only on for this voyage we agree to go.  We were able to get reservations for 8 pm and tonight the drink in Skywalkers is Port (one of my favorites) but after last night I think we may need to pass. 

The production show is What a Swell Party but we have seen it and since we are eating so late and in the specialty restaurant I think we may just pass.


  1. Hi Vickie,
    Can I ask you a favour. Would you check in on our friends Jack and Raymonde (you met them on the last sail away) in A425. She had some medical issues and was taken to the Ft. Lauderdale hospital but was allowed back on for this 10 days. She phoned her daughter from Dominica today but couldnt' get a hold of her. We just want to make sure everything is okay with them. If you could do that it would be so great. Thanks so much Vickie.

  2. Corrine, we saw them the first sea day and them mentioned that Jack had issues but not Raymonde, if I see them I will make sure they are doing well.

  3. Did they include the snorkel equipment or did you bring your own?