Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preparing for another trip

It is always fun getting ready for a trip, even when you wake in the  middle of night thinking "don't forget to pack this".

Now we travel enough you would think we have it down to a science, and yes we pretty much do, but I guess a bit of my controlling nature comes out.

Recently I created a cruise check list of items to bring on a trip, and then also a standard "things to do before we go list".  So these lists do put my mind at ease a bit and they worked great on our last trip when we didn't forget anything.

This time we have some friends staying at our place while we are away so our list of items to do before we go has increased.  There is no way I am leaving a stick of dust anywhere for them.  I also want to ensure that everything they could need or have answered is known.  So I recently wrote up an apartment information sheet, everything from how to get to parking, where to park, garbage, linens, wifi, to visitor.  See the controlling - well I like to think extremely organized side of me comes out again.

Now when we did our last cruise it was a short one and we were well underweight in our bags.  But now that we are going for five times the length of the last trip we are wondering, can we do as well.  Now really do I need any more clothes than I did for that 7 day cruise.  Well sure a few more, probably three bathing suits instead of two.  Definatley more another pair of shoes - or two?  Maybe two more blouses and maybe two more tshirts.  But really with the benefit of laundry provided for elite, and laundry on board in case we need it, we are going to try and be frugal with the clothes.  Plus we are visiting Sawgrass before getting on.

Where we find we add to the weight of the bags are all the other things.  More prescriptions, more colognes, more hair care products, more sunscreen/aftersun, even my blow dryer is definitely coming (I can use the ships but for this long a voyage I want to look good).  We decided though instead of lugging the conditioner, lotions, soap (yes we like a large bar of soap), sunscreens, etc we will just buy all those items when we get into Fort Lauderdale and then weigh down the bags.

In the end we are hoping to get away with our two regular suitcases 26" and two roller carry on bags, one camera bag and one knapsack.  We check the two large bags and then bring the roller bags to the gate in hopes that they will announce they will check them at no extra cost.  At $35 for a second bag the $70 savings is a no brainer.  And if we have to we will lug on the plane.

So here is to creating lists, checking them twice and crossing things off.  Oh sounds like Christmas!

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