Saturday, February 2, 2013

St. Kitts

Rough night – I am up at 4 am and my allergies are bothering me.  This usually happens at least one time during every vacation.  With all the different foods and drink it is bound to happen.  I head up on deck around 5:45 and can see St. Kitts in the distance and Nevis to the right of it.  So pretty!

I head towards the Horizon Court and it is so civil at this hour and I grab a bagel and some fruit and then head down to the International Café for my latte and a chat with Beverly.  I am so tired though and around 7:30 I head back to the cabin and Bernie is up and we switch places as I crawl into bed and he heads out.

And this is how our day starts out and we know today is going to be relaxing day. 

After sleeping till around 10 am we both decide we should dress and head ashore and hit the gangplank around 11 and we decide to just wander around a bit.

I love the character of these old run down buildings and I must of taken 100 shots of different ones

We have been here numerous times, we have toured the island extensively four times.  We have climbed the volcano, we have visited beaches twice now.  Every time we are here it rains, but guess what it doesn’t rain today but we don’t feel like heading out to a beach today. 

We wander around but we get this feeling here today that they are annoyed with the tourists, most don’t chat with us and even when we approach stalls they don’t say anything to us.  Guess we are just use to constant “check out my store” etc.  The city streets are busy and this too is odd for us as we have been docking here on Sundays the last few times and most shops are closed. 

I do check with a taxi driver about how much the fare is to South Friar’s Beach and I am quoted $16 per taxi, so it is $4 a person one way if you get four, $8 if it is two.  Sounds fair, and the same price as we were quoted last year when we went to there. 

One of the funniest things today was as we walked past Independence Square Park and notice this guy who has set up huge speakers blaring music and beside him a single slot machine.  I can’t help taking a picture it is just too funny and so out of place.

We stop by a bakery and pick up a small meal of two pasties filled with chicken and a coconut macaroon and walk back to the square where we enjoy our little meal.

there is a shuttle on the pier to assist those with mobility issues -  something I don't recall on previous cruises

Still not feeling 100% so I opt to head back on board and are on around 2 pm where I head up top to get some sun and grabbed a strawberry milkshake.  Since I don’t have the ultimate soda package which includes milkshake I have to pay for it but it is only $3.75 which is a lot cheaper than the ones on Oasis.  It is very good and I check out the island and take a few pics around the ship for my fan page.

I decide to head back to Leesh’s class for line dancing this afternoon.  The class is all about tonight’s Island Deck Party.  I did this class last cruise and want to do it again to master those steps.  I see Ian from the photo dept.  He is there, apparently he is hoping to move to the Cruise staff next contract so he is going to learn the moves so he can participate.  He tries very hard and by the end of it he is well, how to say politely a white guy with no rhythm but he is trying so hard and I am sure after a few cruises he will have it down pat.

Tonight we want to head up to Skywalkers as tonight is Japanese Slipper and sushi and we run into Sue and Mike and then a little bit later Cathy and Bill show up and we reflect on the day.  Anthony the server takes care of us so well, actually all the staff up there are amazing and it is a joy to head up there and catch up with them.

Alice joins us for dinner and we are happy to see it is Italian night, which we missed last voyage as we dined in Sabatinis.  I start with a wonderful blueberry soup and then a salad and for my entrée the chicken dish and it was very good.  No dessert, I couldn’t even finish my meal tonight and I feel a little rough and out of it, might be all the drugs I have taken for my allergies. 

But I promised Leesh I would attend the deck party so we change and head up and we both are not into it tonight so as soon as the dance happens I participate and then we head to bed and I crash.

It may not have been a productive day but it was a relaxing day and really that is what cruising is all about doing what you want to do.  I love this and I am rested and so glad we get many more of these days.


  1. Nancy from Florida!!!February 2, 2013 at 6:06 AM

    We were in St. Kitts a few years ago--what a lovely town. If we get back there---we'd like to go to Nevis & check it out. Esp. for snorkeling. The Emerald still remains one of our fav ships!!

  2. I loved seeing your pictures of St. Kitts. It is one of my favorite islands. It is still not too built up and touristy I find which is nice for a change. I hope you feel better Vickie!