Thursday, January 17, 2013

Princess Cays

I had a rough night, my allergies were bothering me and that means sinus pain.  I took some antihistamines and it helped but I was up throughout the night.  I almost got up around 5 am but decided to turn over and force myself back to sleep and I guess it worked cause the next thing I heard was the phone ringing.  It was room service saying that they tried to deliver our order but no one answered.  Oh my it is 8:20 I really slept, and Bernie isn’t here.  But soon the door opens and Bernie comes in with my latte and his tea and the next minute room service is there with our breakfast.

We relax and enjoy our beverages and breakfast and look out at the beautiful view of the water and what looks like could turn into a lovely day.

We aren’t scheduled to arrive until 9 so we head to the International CafĂ© and sit and chat with Anita and Richard and decide to head ashore around 10 am.

 We head to our usual spot and take in the view and the warm weather…. Ahhh what a great way to start a trip.  We much prefer this routing where we stop here first instead of at the end of the itinerary.  This gets us in the relaxation mode instead of a busy port day.

I spend my day reading, sunning, swimming, floating in the water on my ring that travels every year with us.  The water is cool but once you are in it is great.  We both do some snorkeling and loved it, it is nice to see how much the coral has grown in the past year and we love exploring around it and catching glimpses of fish that are often hiding. 

For lunch we get a bite to eat at the barbecue buffet, for me another hamburger and salad and fruit, for Bernie some chicken and ribs.  I can definitely report that there are no free soda drinks at the buffet.  They do have dispenser there for water and then there is one also for ice tea but it was out of order.  If you want soda you have to order it from the can.

We decide to head back to the ship around 2:40 and once we are back in the cabin I get to washing out the swimsuits and rinsing the snorkel gear and a quick shower.  I jokingly say time to head out on the balcony, but for us it is the Promenade deck which is one deck below. 

We haven’t seen much of our cabin steward Chris, he is quiet and we have to seek him out to give him our laundry as he didn’t take it this morning when he made up the room.  We still have not gotten the one of the things we requested but will check on it later.  Almost feel like I am bothering him if I ask, he is not that approachable and I am saddened cause we normally have such great stewards that we get really close to.  Chris isn’t bad, he certainly takes care of the room and all in it but he isn’t above average like we are use to, I guess I have gotten spoiled in the past.  One of our friends is also having issues where their steward, in fact they never got their elite toiletries and when she asked the steward said oh we don’t give those out anymore.  I confirmed that oh yes they do to her as we got ours. 

Tonight Al Katz is performing in the Princess Theater so we definitely have to see his show, and we will sit and have dinner with Alice again.

Things going on around the ship tonight include Majority Rules, the Movie Hope Springs (which we watched in Dec on Oasis and had to pay $13 to watch, nice to see Princess shows it for free), Piano Man Kory Simon, Sol Provider is performing in Club Fusion, Jeopardized Trivia.


  1. Sounds like a good first day. At least you spent time on Cays which we did not on Dec. 30th the seas were too rough. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Vicki -- do you remember what time they start & stop serving lunch on Princess Cays?

  3. How is PC looking after Sandy, have any repairs been done and are the trees and plants recovering?

    1. she looks great, they repaired the pier, and the plants are slowly recovering but have been cut back because of damage