Monday, January 28, 2013

Evening – Sunday

Tonight we had reservations at the Crown Grill for 6:30 for the 7 of us and we are sat at a nice table.  It was fun to sit and catch up and the laughs already have started.

We had another bottle of the London Fog for tonight and again it was so good.

It is busy in here tonight and we wait to get our menus and then we really wait to have our order taken.  Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for our wine. 

When our appetizers arrived they sat on the tray behind us for over five minutes, I had the goat cheese and beet salad, Bernie had the lobster cake, which we have had numerous times and it is a nice normal Lobster Cake size, but tonight is it is this large ball the size of a tennis ball.    And because it waited on the tray it was just warm.  I then had the black and blue soup and that was hot and very good. 

For our entrée I had the 5 oz. fillet mignon with Béarnaise Sauce on the side, we had all the sides delivered to the middle of the table for us all to share.  Sadly the main dishes for almost everyone were not good, mine was warm and cool in the middle, the Béarnaise sauce was cold and had a skin on the top.  Bernie had the rack of lamb and he asked for it medium rare and two of the racks were perfect but one was very very rare.  Our friend asked for a rare steak and it came medium and he returned it and they did correct it, but at first the waiter came back and said the chef said that was rare and it was more cooked than mine and mine was medium.  Many of the sides were very good but again some were just warm.

But we had hope for the dessert and that didn’t disappoint, we made sure to tell him we wanted it molten and runny in the middle as last time it was totally cooked.  Tonight it came out perfect and we enjoyed it immensely.  Everyone ordered tea and coffee/espresso but again when it arrived the hostess served it and she had to ask, who had the tea? Who had the espresso?  Who had the coffee?  Who had the latte?  Really! 

We pay our bill and we all agree this was so poor and we regret having dinner here and especially since the service in the dining room with Elda is so great. 

Tonight when we get back to the room Bernie and I agree that with both the dinner in the Crown Grill tonight and the meal in Sabattinis the other night being so so we will forgo the specialty restaurants for the remaining of the cruises.  But we know this is not the norm and will definitely try them again on a different ship.


  1. Hi Vickie! My partner David and I sailed on the previous Emerald sailing, Jan 16-26, and think that we met you! (we spent a lot of time in the casino and the gym, and all the shows/trivia/etc. We are LOVING your blog, as it is bringing back all our fond memories from last week!

    I don't know if you are reading these comments during your cruise, but if you do... IF POSSIBLE, can you do us a small favor? There was a staff member who we had such a blast with, and we promised him that we would exchange contact information with him... BUT, we did not get to see him on the last day!, and now we are desperately looking for a way to just get our contact info to him. Would you POSSIBLY be able to pass along our contact information to the Purser's desk, so that they could forward it to him? If so, that would be so GREAT...and we would SO very much appreciate it. My email address is, and I could give you my contact information there.

    Thanks Vickie!, and hope you are enjoying the rest of your cruise!

    - Rick

  2. Rick, could you give me the name of the staff member you want to contact so I can let the purser's staff know as I can give them your email but they don't know who to give it to. I will give him/her your email

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  4. Too bad about the Crown Grill Vickie. WE had dinner there on the 25th for our friend Jack's birthday and it was wonderful! Everything was hot, cooked the way we wanted and our waiter was excellent. I am glad to see you and Bernie decided to try it again on a different ship. Maybe it was just a bad day at the Crown. We would definitely do it again!


    1. we have dined here numerous times and even the previous sailing but this night it was off completely and shouldn't happen, but we love the Crown grill and will try it again but probably not again this voyage