Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18 - Evening

Tonight is formal night and one of the benefits of elite is canapés on formal night, and as mentioned earlier Chris our cabin steward never got us the form until this morning but we did hand it in to him before the deadline.  We scheduled delivery for 5:30 but 5:30 came and went then it was 6 then 6:30 and we call Chris.  I ask did he submit the form, yes he ensures us and he will check into it.  We never heard back.  Now I know it is only canapés and we will get them again next formal night but he is really failing in our books.  I left a note for him this morning again asking for four towels every day and again he left two, and again this evening only two.  I am surprised cause we have never encountered a steward like this on board.  I am going to sleep on it and then talk with him and see how it goes from there, but if it continues I may need to ask to speak to his supervisor, I don’t think my request for towels or even the canapés form be delivered when we need them.  Am I?  I don’t like to complain but we have 27 more days with this guy!

Dinner reservations are for 7 pm in the Crown Grill to celebrate both Bernie’s and Alice’s birthday.  We bring a bottle of champagne and start out with that.  Edgar is our server and you can see he is very professional and he knows his stuff.  It is a real treat and the food is outstanding, service top notch, and well company is even better.  I start out with the scallop appetizer, then the black and blue soup, then the fillet mignon served with scallop potatoes and asparagus.  For dessert it is the molten cake, but my was a little over cooked and was not molten at all but still darn good.  I am too full to say anything cause I know they would make us a new one in a minute but I will wait till our next visit and enjoy it all runny and creamy then.  I finish with a Sicilian Kiss beverage and my night is complete.  Of course they all come and sing Happy Birthday to them both.  We make sure to tip extra cause tonight is well deserved.

Al Katz is performing a new show “stupid people are everywhere” in Explorer’s Lounge.  A much better venue for comedy I feel, especially better than Club Fusion or the Princess Theater, much more intimate.  We get a seat up close and we laugh our heads off.  He is so great with the passengers, he is funny but not crude, and he calls it as he sees it. 

Frenchie the Deputy Cruise Director (who we had on the Star in South America) was the host tonight and boy those shoes Frenchie!  Stunning… just saying, and what a lovely lady.

We are back in the cabin relaxing.  No note from the steward explaining why no canapes  nothing, odd but not surprising really.  I pray we have a new steward for the next leg but I doubt it.  Oh well all the other crew have been amazing, 150% so I guess I can’t have everything.

Arrive in St. Thomas at 8 tomorrow, currently our plan is to go over to Water Island with Alice, can’t wait.


  1. sounds like a great night but disappointing about the cabin steward, definitely have a chat with him. Hope it helps

  2. Wonder if Stewards Contract is coming up for expiration soon and he's just waiting to get off the ship? Interesting. We've never had any issues with a Steward on any of our cruises with Princess. (the many we've had as well)


  3. Instead of canapes, I generally choose the chocolate strawberries, and ask that they be delivered about 8:30--9 PM as a bedtime snack :) Yum! I hear when they run out of strawberries they will send chocolate covered grapes instead, but we've never been so lucky.

    About the towels: You've got a bad or forgetful steward. I always ask for an extra set, and I've never been disappointed. Keep after him. If you don't get them, page him and make him return. He'll remember soon enough then, I betcha.

    1. yes we ordered the chocolate strawberries tonight and well we never got them :-( probably didn't need them anyhow. This morning when I asked what came of them steward said "oh you should of called room service" I said to him "I placed order with you, I gave you the card as you gave it to me late, you find out" I don't think he undersstood me.

      I have never had the chocolate covered grapes, but hmm sounds interesting.

      I wish it was just the towels but sadly it isn't but read an update posted today and how I dealt with it.

  4. Anonymous we have always had mainly GREAT stewards and some that were good but nothing over that. This one is probably the worst we have had in 34 cruises with Princess. But read today's blog as it explains how today went