Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aruba – Wednesday

I wake to the feeling of the thrusters as we pull towards the dock in Aruba.  As many of you who follow my blog know I like Aruba, I don’t love Aruba but I do like it.  It isn’t our favorite place mainly because it is very busy and touristy and we have always preferred ports that are quieter and more of an island feel.  But we definitely want to head ashore as there is lots to do here.

We walk off quickly and we see we have the Caribbean Princess docked right behind us and a Holland American Masdam is also in but arrived a little later. 

Today we are meeting up with Ilene and Murray who we sailed with many years ago and keep in touch with thru facebook and even my Fan Page on Facebook.  We meet at the Starbucks in the Reannaisance Mall and we sit and chat for almost two hours! 

Bernie heading back on board

Since we don’t have any other plans today we decide to head back on board to enjoy the ship and we are surprised at how many are on board still.  Normally when we are in Aruba the ship is deserted.  We grab a quick bite to eat at Horizon Court and then we put on our bathing suits and we grab a lounge chair on the Sun deck and relax. 

Bernie doesn’t stay too long as he got a lot of sun yesterday but I lay there for around 3 hours.  He heads to trivia and has a great time with his group there we find there are a few who take it way way way too seriously.   We had a friend that was on our team who got very upset when our team didn’t score very well, and I guess he doesn’t want to play with us anymore, guess he forgets when we scored very high and we won as well.   Just as well as we hated being shushed by him and he insisted we only write down answers not speak out them.  We are on board to have fun and the one great thing about these games are meeting the passengers so if you want to have fun with trivia join our team and occasional we win.

I am falling asleep on deck, so why fight it I head down to the cabin and have a nap.  I wake refreshed and relaxed and ready for a great evening.

We attend the Most Travelled Party with Alice as her guests, we didn’t make the cut off this time but we are getting close.  It was a cocktail party this voyage, normally we attend luncheons but have attended a few cocktail parties.  We have liked both but we really enjoyed the cocktail party      we did a few years ago but this cocktail party was not as good as those two.  First it was held in Adagio and it was a better venue I thought that Skywalkers but that is where the positives end.  We remember so many really good appetizers going around, and so very tasty that we were stuffed and often skipped dinner.  Tonight I think they came around four different times and once with dessert item.  I had steak on a skewer with a lovely sauce, chicken wing, and a quiche.  Of course you can order any drink here and that is good, with the luncheon you are limited to wine.  I had two mojitos tonight and was feeling it too. 

The Captain did not talk at all tonight and I missed that.  There were numerous officers in attendance and they did wander around and say hi and chatted.  It was over in 45 minutes and we were ready to go.  I enjoyed the cocktail party but if this is how they now do the cocktail party I think I now prefer the luncheon, but in the end I am just so glad they do this to recognize the top 40 passengers and am honoured that I was included.

We head down to the dining room to meet up with Elda and Nathanlian – tonight’s dinner theme is the Chef’s Dinner, not one of our favorite but there is always something good to eat.  We start with the goat cheese soufflé and it is very good but very salty to my taste, I then have the fettucini alfredo in the Parmesan bowl appetizer size and couldn’t finish it, then I had the fried chicken dish which is very good (left the fries), we all skipped dessert. 

The drinks and the two glasses of wine are hitting me hard…. And I need to hit my bed and fast.  We both agree that our night is over and we are in get at 10 pm tonight but we need it. 

As we walk down the hall to our cabin we see all the disembarkation information in all the mail slots and are relieved to know we don’t have to get off just yet.

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