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I want to back track a bit to cover our meal last night in Sabatinis.After the night in Crown Grill we had said we would not dine at the specialty restaurants again but boy are we ever glad we did.Tonight we stop by Sabatinis just prior to our reservation and ordered some wine so they could put it on ice and open when we arrive.We head over to Adagio for a drink and we can hear they are doing the sports trivia and Corey is hosting.It is so nice to see him again after spending a month on the Star we got to know him well.He is happy to be back on board and is well rested after a two month break and visit home to New Zealand.
We meet up with the other four and have a quick drink and some olives!  Make sure you try the olives here!  They are so good.
When we are sat at Sabatinis for 8 we already can feel the diference.  It isn’t as busy as Crown was and the waiter and head waiter are immediately offering us menus and opening and pouring wine.  We see that there is a new hostess and we all c…


Bernie is sleeping in today and I head down to get his tea and my latte.Today we don’t dock until later, 10 am and everyone is dying to get off it looks like.We meet up with the others in the Atrium at 10 but we see the line to get off is snaked around the entire Atrium and down the hallway.We decide to head to the forward gangway which has a much shorter line and as soon as we hit the pier we are hit with humidity as a light shower had just passed thru.
The steel drum band is playing and we are dancing down the pier to the main terminal.  The lines and crowds are unbearable but Alice points us towards a shortcut thru Diamonds International…. And no we didn’t stop. 
We are doing a tour with Silvermoon today and we meet up with our transportation person at the proper gate at 10:30 but we are told to wait a bit and they will be right back.  We don’t have to wait long maybe five minutes and the bus returns and the 8 of us take the short ride to the pier where we board Silvermoon Two which…

Antigua – January and who knows what day it is

We arrive at 8 am and as Bernie heads down to get my latte and his tea we relax for a bit as our day doesn’t start until later.I had a great sleep!And as Bernie heads up to the International café for a bite to eat I write up yesterday’s blog.

When he returns he tells me a funny story about couples up there…. We laugh our heads off as we see the type all the time.  Normally it is the wife, but certainly it can be the husband too but in this case it was the wife.  Screaming at her husband, “got a table here – here – here” he finally comes over and she screams “sit – SIT – SIT” I am giggling just thinking about it.  But obviously these couples have been married for a long time and it works for them.  But I promise Bernie I will never do this to him.
Today we are heading out on a sailboat again, but this time Cathy organized it.  She researched and found Miramar Sailing Team   She booked a lovely sailboat for just the six of us for the day.  The boat was waiting for u…

Second Sea Day – Monday

I love my sea days!Forced relaxation!But I wake and still feel so tired, again my allergies, which are triggered by food/drink are causing me issue.I took my antihistamine last night but I still have sinus pressure.Oh well it isn’t going to ruin my day and I know it will ease if I get out and about.
We are excited today because there is Zumba!  Salt and Pepper aka Lexi and Leesh will be doing a session in Club Fusion first thing this morning.   Princess had a session on turnaround day for many of the cruise staff from three different ships (Grand, Caribbean and us) to get some of them certified to teach classes.  Lexi and Leesh say they are nervous and that they have been working very hard and staying up extra late practicing the routine.   But as soon as the class gets underway they are so professional and helpful that they look like they have been doing it forever. 
Bernie and I work hard to keep up with their steps but it is hard since this is the first time we have done many of the…

Evening – Sunday

Tonight we had reservations at the Crown Grill for 6:30 for the 7 of us and we are sat at a nice table.It was fun to sit and catch up and the laughs already have started.
We had another bottle of the London Fog for tonight and again it was so good.
It is busy in here tonight and we wait to get our menus and then we really wait to have our order taken.  Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for our wine. 
When our appetizers arrived they sat on the tray behind us for over five minutes, I had the goat cheese and beet salad, Bernie had the lobster cake, which we have had numerous times and it is a nice normal Lobster Cake size, but tonight is it is this large ball the size of a tennis ball.    And because it waited on the tray it was just warm.  I then had the black and blue soup and that was hot and very good. 
For our entrée I had the 5 oz. fillet mignon with Béarnaise Sauce on the side, we had all the sides delivered to the middle of the table for us all to share.  Sadly the main d…

Sunday Sea Day

We wake to the feel of the ocean the swaying back and forth, don’t worry it isn’t rough well I don’t find it rough but it is a lovely motion like being rocked to sleep like a baby.
With the clocks going back and hour I feel like I have been given an extra bonus of sleep…. and as we slowly wake Bernie decides to dress and head down to get me my  latte so I don’t have to stir.  Ahhh the love boat truly is romantic!  I turn on the t.v. to catch Lee and Frenchie making me laugh as usual.  And then throw it on a channel that is showing a movie “Did you hear about the Morgans”  Iove that Princess has movies in the cabin – not like other lines that make you pay for movies in the cabin.  I watch, I drink my latte, I curl up in bed and glance at the Patter.  What more can I want.
Okay enough lazing around in bed, time to head down to the International Café to laze around there.  I am smiling right now cause I feel relaxed just remembering it.  Beverly sees me and comes right over and already kno…

Jan 26, Florida aka Turn Around Day

We are docked before 7 am, and since our clocks go back an hour to coincide with Florida time we get an extra hour of sleep, but what it is sleep.In fact I think I hardly slept all night, woke every hour.For some reason my brain just wouldn’t shut off, don’t even know why since really what do I need to think about while I am on vacation!
We decided to do wash on turn around day, I know we get free laundry service but we really wanted to do some a fresh load and do it in bulk and get it really clean.  I will state that laundry was $2 for washing and $2 for drying, it sure has gone up since we use to do wash.  We got a roll of quarters from the casino.
We dress and head down to the dining room for breakfast where I enjoy the crunchy French toast, one of my favorites.
Today we have made plans to meet up with Alice and take a taxi (since darn it we are at pier 21 which is quite a hike to the exit) to the Publix mall where Alice and I get pedicures and Bernie heads out to get supplies at the …

Sea Day and Sea Day – Thursday and Friday

Feels nice to know I don’t have to rush and get ready for the port today.We take our time getting ready, we would love to have breakfast in the dining room; however it closes at 9 here, I much prefer the 9:30 that the Star closed at.

We make our way up to the Horizon Court and well how do I describe it, a Zoo!  Not surprising since many are sleeping in today and missed the dining room just like us.  We have a light bite to eat and then head down to International Café for our coffee/tea and to catch up.  But the Bijoux sale is about to start and they are lining up and events in the Piazza are gearing up so finish up and then decide what next.

Bernie wants to do trivia again and I head out to find a quiet place to read and think the Wheelhouse would be good but darn it, it is closed because the pub lunch would be in there in an hour.  So I head aft to Club Fusion where the trivia is going on but sit at the back and read.  I can hear Bernie’s team, he is happy with his team currently they …

Aruba – Wednesday

I wake to the feeling of the thrusters as we pull towards the dock in Aruba.As many of you who follow my blog know I like Aruba, I don’t love Aruba but I do like it.It isn’t our favorite place mainly because it is very busy and touristy and we have always preferred ports that are quieter and more of an island feel.But we definitely want to head ashore as there is lots to do here.

We walk off quickly and we see we have the Caribbean Princess docked right behind us and a Holland American Masdam is also in but arrived a little later. 

Today we are meeting up with Ilene and Murray who we sailed with many years ago and keep in touch with thru facebook and even my Fan Page on Facebook.  We meet at the Starbucks in the Reannaisance Mall and we sit and chat for almost two hours! 

Since we don’t have any other plans today we decide to head back on board to enjoy the ship and we are surprised at how many are on board still.  Normally when we are in Aruba the ship is deserted.  We grab a quick bi…