Saturday, February 9, 2013

Antigua – In the Evening

I came back to the cabin from a relaxing time in the Thermal Suite.  Bernie has just informed me that Alice and Norma are both going to the Most Traveled Passenger Party so it may just be the two of us for dinner instead.  Then Tracey the Captain Circle Host called to say because of some cancellations we now qualify for the Most Traveled Party.  Which makes sense because we know a few that can’t make it because of the Chef’s Dinner tonight.  But both of us don’t really feel like going tonight and would rather have a nice meal with Elda tonight and not rush to get ready and head to the party.  Plus just doesn’t feel the same getting an invite because others cancelled and now we qualify.  There will be others I am sure.

We watch the sail away from Antigua and even spot some sting rays in the water. 

We head down to the Piazza and get a bottle of the Ferrari Carraro and then head into dinner and Elda and Nathan are surprised to see us, and Jasper is excited too and he gets into a bit of mischief in their station.

I start with the crusted sushi that I normally love but when I get it is cold and the crust is  cost and soft and well not that appetizing.  We let Elda know and she checks with the Head Waiter and he has let the head chef know as it should not be like that and we move on to our second course.  We are fine with it though and just glad that they are going to correct the issue as it is one of my favorites.  My second course is the roasted garlic soup.  Boy is this good and since the garlic is roasted it is not strong but sweet.  For my entrée, in fact we both ordered it we get the Tandoori Shrimp and it is very good, I am running out of adjectives to describe the great food on board.  But trust me very yummy.

Alice comes and joins us at dessert time and we catch up with her and how things are going.  She had a good time at the party and we invite her to come see Kory in Explorer’s Lounge but she says she is going to head elsewhere.

Kory’s 9:15 show is just letting out so we grab some seats up front.  We chat with a lovely couple from New Brunswick we met the first night and Jeannie and Greg come in too.  They had the Chef’s Table tonight and they really liked it they said. 

Kory tonight is being accompanied by the Emerald Princess Orchestra and it is a nice treat.  We can tell Kory has a bit of a cold tonight, his voice is a little raspy but the performance is still amazing.  But we sure hope he takes care of himself as there is nothing worse than having to sing when your voice says something else. 

Frenchie comes up at the end and she is so cute in the Elton John glasses Kory was wearing.  We love Frenchie she sure is funny and is a comedian in her own right. 

We are back in the cabin at around midnight and we are tired but rested, now does that make sense?

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