Monday, February 4, 2013

Sea Day – Monday – Last day of Second Leg

Many of you may recall that we love this itinerary and we normally do just 20 days on a back to back but this time we wanted to extend it and we are on for 30 days.  So normally today we are winding down getting ready to go home but we don’t have to worry about this today as we have another voyage to look forward to and we are glad, we aren’t ready to go home yet.

We wake at 7 am – our neighbour always gets a wake up call for 7 am every day and every day we are woken by the phone ringing.  These walls are thin, and sometimes we can even hear the conversations next store…. Yesterday one of our neighbours must have been chatting with family back home via skype or at least using a speaker phone as we could hear the entire thing, both sides as the man spoke very loudly.  I just giggled and tried not to listen, but other than that this cabin has been a quiet one.  would I pick it again, yes and no, I like it, the location is good but it is just across from the exit to one of the crew areas and the stewards come and go from it all the time.  Our steward often parks his carts right outside our door and we hear extra noise because of it, but nothing that it is so bad we can’t ignore it most of the time, plus it is handy when we need to contact him.

I take my time this morning; the first thing I have scheduled is Zumba again.  Leesh and Lexi aka Salt and Pepper get us going this morning and we have a great work out.  They are doing a great job and they look like they have been doing it for a long time, and like real pros.

I am back to the cabin to shower and change and then down for the cappuccino, but the coffee bar is crazy!  Oh yeah last sea day, weather is good but very windy so a lot of people are in doors.  We decide to get it to go as we can’t hear ourselves think and we head up to Crooners where we relax and read. 

The big sale in the dining room is happening again today but we opt out of it as we went last sailing on the last day and I don’t need anything. 

Since I didn’t have breakfast I am getting hungry and we have the option of going to Horizon Court, Pub Lunch is also on, or the dining room.  But since the dining room is only open for lunch on sea days we opt for that.  Boy are we glad we did too. 

We sit at a table for two and we are served quickly as we want to try and make it to Frenchie’s new Monster Trivia session at 12:45.  I start off with the Mozzarella sticks, then we both have the lamb curry.  I remember this dish from the fall and loved it then, and still love it.  We opt out of dessert so we can make it in time to trivia but we get there and it has already started.  There are not a lot of people in Club Fusion so we just sit in the back and watch for a while and really enjoy it.  Frenchie is very good and imaginative with her trivia and this is a new one she has been working on. 

Bernie insists since he had to forgo the dessert in the dining room he wants to head down to International Café for dessert and a cup of tea.  Okay twist my arm.  And it is so great that so many options are available for us and all so close at hand.

Oh I forgot to mention that tonight we are trying something new, we are trying the Stamisch wine tasting at 7 in Vines.  Tonight it is champagne and well those who know Bernie know he loves his champagne.  Cost is $15 each and we are looking forward to it.  I will report on it later.

The stores are all a buzz, the casino is accepting more donations and there are quite a few people in there, the bingo session is busy also as the final session and the prize must go today so the place is packed.  The last art auction of the cruise is today too and Jay is setting things up and displaying the art all around Explorer’s Lounge.  Jay does a great job, we have seen him on three different ships this year.  He is very knowledgeable and he really makes people feel at ease when looking at art.  We haven’t bought any art on board since one of our first cruises but he always chats with us when we are admiring pieces in the gallery.

Bernie says it is time for a nap, he doesn’t know why he is tired but he thinks “why fight it” and I think it is a great idea since we know tomorrow with turn around day we will be forced awake very early.

I am not sure how much more of today i will get to post as the internet is slow as everyone is using up their last minutes of their plans and we loose what remaining minutes we have at the end of tonight.  But will start up again tomorrow and recap tonight's events.

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