Wednesday, February 13, 2013

St. Thomas

This is our third visit here this cruise and the first time at Havensight.  Many people prefer Havensight because of all the stores in the port, but since I am not a huge shopper and definitely like to get away from the stores at the port I prefer a quieter Crown Bay and the option of going to Water Island.  But that is not an option today, plus we really don’t need any more sun as we are still suffering from our sunburns.

We head to breakfast where I have the most delicious waffles with sausage and orange juice and we try to figure out what we want to do.  We get as far as heading down to the International Café for coffee.  Now this is cruising!

We watch the crew muster for their Assessment Party Drill – where most crew have to participate in.  Always interesting to be on board when they do this drill and see what happens.

We chat with Meldon for quite a while, he is the bar supervisor down in the Coffee Bar, such a dear and so helpful to all passengers even the ones we personally would strangle, but somehow he as well as all the staff here have the patience of saints!

 We decide to head off the ship and walk to town, it is very hot out and the Disney Fascination is right beside us, lots of kids on that ship.  I love kids but don’t know about sailing with a whole bunch of them, but would certainly recommend it to families.

We walk thru the Yacht club along the water to town and with five ships in port it is crazy.  Once downtown it is hard to even walk on the sidewalk cause of the crowds, plus there are so many people trying to talk you into going into their store and people stop and look.  I felt bad as I walked into one woman who stopped suddenly and boy did she get mad at me.  I had it at that point and we walked towards the waterfront.

We decided to stop and get something cold to drink, raspberry lemonade did the trick and we got a light meal of appetizers at the Green House overlooking the beautiful harbour.  The place was packed soon after we arrived.  The food was great and I can highly recommend their bang bang shrimp but because it was so busy service was very poor.

the view from our table
Walking back to the ship we take pictures, admire the scenery and comment on the traffic.  Somehow it just doesn’t compare to Bonaire or St. Lucia or Dominica.

Back on board around 1:30 and our usual haunt is calling.  We get a cup of tea and Bernie gets a sweet to enjoy with his tea before returning to the cabin so I can write yesterday’s blog and neither of us can stay awake.  What is going on? 

Two hour nap, yup that is what I say…. Boy I feel rested but amazingly I can rest more.  Guess it does the body good.

We are pulling out of the pier, thrusters have to work double time today as we are sandwiched between the Disney Fascination and the Carnival Dream.  We pull out horizontally from the pier then back out of our parallel spot then spin around to head out to the Atlantic.

Have to say sailing away from St. Thomas is one of the prettier spots.

I throw on my bathing suit and decide to head to the Thermal Suite.  It has been a few days since I was last there, mainly because of the effects of Barbados (rum and sun) but I am looking forward to it tonight.  When I arrive up there, there is only one other couple and I relax in the steam room, then I shower then head into the gentle steam room, then shower then head into the steam room and when I come out and am drying myself before heading into the heat room I hear BANG!  Then the man screams, then the woman screams – they are both on the heated loungers and the metal lattice that is attached to the wall has fallen down and hit the man.  He has a small cut above his left eye brow and his leg is smacked pretty good.  I run out to tell one of the spa staff to call for assistance and stay with them till someone arrives.  My heart is pounding!  The screams alone freaked me right out.  I am sure the guy will be totally fine.  At worst he may need a stitch or two and I am sure Princess will take care of his needs. 

Back in the cabin and time to shower and get ready for dinner.  We are dining at Sabatinis tonight at 8 pm with Johan.  I am really looking forward to it, I wasn’t going to eat in the dining room anyways as it is the Chef’s Dinner and it is not one of my favorite menus.  The Café Caribe is offering the rice table theme and we would of dined there if the invite didn’t happen.

Tomorrow we are at sea and then Princess Cays before heading home.  Tonight we received our disembarkation information.  It is sad to see but inevitable.


  1. Sad time when the disembark info comes....sometimes bitter sweet as I am missing my dogs but sad to have to go back to the real world. Always helps to know that there is another cruise date waiting :) Debbie C.

  2. I am always sad also when we get those papers as it usually means back to the cold and reality. I have really enjoyed reading your daily events. Having been to most of the ports it is nice to know what you are writing about. I love being able to make that choice of staying on the ship...after all it is your vacation! Thanks Vickie.

  3. Don't you just hate getting that information?? No matter how long you have been on board it comes too soon.