Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Overall Experience on the Emerald this Winter

We feel like the Emerald is our second home, we know the nooks and crannies and which way to go to get around crowds, where to find a quiet spot, when to shop and when not to.  We recognized faces, areas and ports like old friends.  This year when we decided to do 30 days instead of our regular 20 we were not sure how we would like it.   We had done three cruises of 30 days in a row prior but we had never done 3 back to back ten day cruises and were wondering how it would work out repeating itineraries and returning to Florida every ten days.   Our friends Jeannie and Greg are on all winter and we have often commented that that is something we could maybe do when we retire too and this was sort of a try out I guess.

Rosmary and Sara
Ryan and Christina
The ship is beautiful, the crew work very hard at keeping it up to the standard we have come to know and love.  But there are a few areas that are need some TLC, especially in the cabins where numerous dings and tears are noticeable.  Any issue that needed addressing in our cabin was taken care of efficiently by first our steward and then any necessary person – plumber on one occasion who rectified an issue very quickly.

Mechelll and Jill

Natalian and Courtenay

With this ten day cruise we recognize familiar faces in the passengers too, on each cruise we ran into people we had sailed with in the past.  This ten day voyage is popular with many die hard cruisers and many do it as a back to back and many also do it for longer.  This creates a unique dynamic on board, many more elite members than on a normal seven day voyage and from what we gather from talking to many of the crew a lot more demands.

Carin and sorry don't know his name


When sailing for a few cruises you get into your routine you find yourself visiting the same areas around the same time every day.  You get to know the crew by name, and they know your name as well and often if you are late or don’t stop by one day they comment on how they missed you or how they were concerned about you.



As we walk the halls we get a common comment “oh you are still on” or “are you staying on another voyage”.  The ship soon feels like home and the passengers that come and go each voyage are like guests and we find ourselves assisting with answering questions on directions the first few days. 

Elda and Nathan

Frenchie with Leesh and Kyle

We also catch ourselves being a little over protective of the crew and come to their defense or assistance when we see an injustice.  After all they are like family to us now.


We have now completed our 36th Princess Cruise, seems like just yesterday we were aiming for that Platinum card.  We know we are loyal to Princess, and sure we have tried other lines and we may try them again, we know deep down that we are staying with Princess.


Greg and his girlfriend

As the voyage comes to an end we know we have not only gained a few pounds but we have gained numerous friends.  But not just friends but family, our Princess family has expanded. 


Leesh and Lexi

So when people ask us why we love to cruise, it is easy – it is like seeing family again.

Big shout outs and thanks go out to:  Elda, Nathan, Ron, Melldon, Beverly, Kolmang, Kataryn, Natalia, Sara, Mechell, Jill, Carin, Ian, Frenchie, Lexi, Leesh, Alex, Cory, Kory, Ryan, Christian, Sushi Chef, Rui, Greg, Elsa, Efren, Nelson, Ana, Thai, Peter and especially to Johan for making our vacation so special.


  1. Thanks Vickie, I have really enjoyed reading your blog of this vacation. Fantastic.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your B-2-B-2-B...we sailed with you in Sept. 2012 on the Star and although we did not meet you we hope to cross paths again someday....We are sailing on the Grand Princess in March, June & Sept..Thanks for brighting up my month of travel home...
    JoAnn aka

  3. Thanks Vicky, I really enjoyed your daily blog...looking forward to our next cruise...and looking forward to YOUR next cruise too !!!

  4. It was so wonderful to meet you both... at first when I met you it was evident that you had been cruising in the past as many of my colleagues knew you but it is not just the positive effect the crew has on you... it is the fabulous effect you have on us! Spoiling us crew with heart chocolate surprises and making us laugh at your funny comments while Jasper is standing close by. This blog is fantastic and you are both so wonderful. I look forward to seeing you both again on another Princess Cruise! Mechell, Boutiques Onboard :)