Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sea Day – February 6

I woke a few times throughout the night but was shocked when I opened my eyes and it was 9:45.  Where did the time go, oh yeah we put those darn clocks forward, guess it does affect me after all. 

I missed Zumba, I am said.  I had promised Leesh I would be there but guess sleeping won out today, but promise when I see her later I would be there tomorrow.  Better set the clock now!

At 10 am is the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet and we are up in Skywalkers 15 minutes late but we see that Captain Draper, Peter – Hotel General Manager and Generosa – Maitre d’Hotel are all there, but sadly they were not introduced to everyone so many people didn’t know who they were.  I got to meet quite a few people who follow my blog, and are on my fan page.  Such a treat for us to meet such lovely people.

Again today is the Showcase at Sea in the Atrium.  I really enjoy this event and this time Bernie comes along with me.  We wander around and get our raffle tickets, some finger foods, opt out of the champagne but go for an espresso instead.  The Showcase starts at 11 and the draw isn’t until 11:45 so it did feel a bit like we were waiting around for the draw.  I spoke with Peter the HGM for a bit and I liked his idea of getting Lee the CD to do a bit of a running commentary.  But now that I am back in the cabin I think it would be great if in between songs that Accent is singing Lee wanders to the various stations and does a small interview or comment, like casino/blackjack table and find out what they are raffling off and maybe plug something like a slot tournament, then next song, then back to another table like Vines and promote Crown Grill, or shops and the rum they are raffling off and promoting a sale happening, etc.

We do book Crown Grill for tonight because of seeing the menu there today and we do head into the shops and buy two Tommy Bahamas Shirts for Bernie and I get a lovely bag with the Princess logo on it that will use for my work bag.  We love the first two sea days as we got an extra 10% off because we spent over a $100, plus our Elite 10% off as well, so I basically got my bag for free!

Club Fusion and Leesh is hosting The Famous Faces Gameshow, we team up with a couple from Florida and we do so so but we have a lot of fun and that is truly what matters. 

My afternoon was a blurr, after a quick bite in the Horizon Court and then some time in the International Café reading we were back in the cabin and I decided to head to the Thermal Suite for about an hour.

Dinner tonight was with Johan in the Crown Grill.  We are sat at a lovely table and Edgar is our waiter once again.  We had him two cruises ago and he was amazing.  We start with the beet and goat cheese salad, then the French onion soup, then I had the five oz. fillet mignon again and it all was wonderful.  Of course the molten chocolate cake was so yummy again!  Dinner tonight was 10 times better than last time and has renewed our faith in the Crown Grill.  

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