Tuesday, February 12, 2013

St. Kitts – Monday

I wish I could start this day with something exciting! Something memorable!  Something you would tell your friend!  But I can not!

After a very early night last night and a good sleep I wake still feeling the effects of those rum punches.  We pull into port and we are right across from the P & O Ventura ship which the exact same ship as ours.  It is pretty cool to look at the same ship but with a few little differences.  We notice immediately that they allow smoking on their balconies and there are a lot smoking out there.

We see that they have the same horrible hard plastic flooring on their balconies as we do but it is green in color.  Their deck furniture is similar to the deck furniture they are replacing on most Princess ships.  Up on the top decks it appears like they have the same covered area at the front where the Sanctuary is on our ship but it seems to be just regular chairs and open to everyone.  They do not have MUTS, is instead a covered pool area like the Grand/Star/Golden has. 

We got so much sun yesterday that my back is in pain (where I obviously did not put enough sun screen on) and the last thing we want to do today is go to a beach and get more sun.  We know the port area here like the back of our hand and since neither of us wants to shop, and we have done numerous tours of the island we decide to stay on board.

We lounge out by the pool in the covered areas (and good thing as some light Caribbean showers do pass us) and watch the cruise staff set up the strings for the Island Deck Party happening latter.

Our afternoon was so boring, but just what we needed.  A bite in the Horizon Court and then back to the cabin and a nap.  I swear if we get any more relaxed they will be throwing dirt on us.  When we wake we wander down to the coffee bar for some tea and chat with the staff there.  Kateryna, Bethoven, Meldon and Ryan take such good care of us.

All aboard is 5:30 and the Ventura is leaving its’ berth and we have dueling horns!  I captured it up on video but will have to wait till I get home to put it up on this blog because I need faster internet to do that.  It was really neat waving goodbye to everyone on board and the crew from each ship waved huge hand signs and Ciao signs.  One of the better sail away we have ever had.

We decided to invite some friends over for sail away and we get some finger food, pizza and we raise our glasses to a great cruise.

Around 8:30 we wander around and catch some of the entertainment happening on board.  Lots going on tonight.  We catch Lubo and Lucy in the Atrium (he does a balancing act).  We catch the comedian Rodney in Explorers, well we only caught a bit of his show as it was too full to find a seat and we arrived late so we stood at the back and watched for about 15 minutes.  Leeshe is doing a line dancing classes that covers the steps to tonight’s dance party.  It is being held kind of late and she covers it very quickly before we all rush upstairs to take part in the Island Deck Party.  It is a good time, but not many people are here, maybe a couple hundred but that is it.  Again once the flash mob is done and the group dance is done the lead singer from Accent takes over and the energy level dies, especially when he does the Congo line, you see a mass exodus of people from the dance floor.  I wish Lee and Frenchie had more involvement in the party, I missed their energy here.

We look at each other and say “well, another great day”.

The key to cruising is to do what you want and not to feel guilty about doing nothing and that is just what we did today!

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