Thursday, February 7, 2013

Second Sea Day on our way to Antigua

Slept late again today and missed the Zumba.  Feel bad since I promised Leesh I would go but with it being at 9:15 it is hard to make it and I didn’t wake until 9:30!  But I feel relaxed and rested.

I tell Bernie to meet me down in the IC as he heads up to the Horizon Court and I head down and the place is busy.  The weather is a little overcast, it may have rained but I don’t know since I am inside.  Note the weather got hot and sunny for the afternoon.  Since the weather is poor and the $10 sale is going on in the room the place is crazy.  I grab a seat in Vines and Beverly takes care of me brining me my drink, she can’t chat much as she is busy.  I grab a yoghurt parfait and a donut for my breakfast.

We decide to find a quiet spot and our usual place (Crooners) is very busy, we say lets try the Wheelhouse, but since there is pub lunch today it is closed.  So we make our way to Explorer’s Lounge, the art is out but we sit at a table and read for an hour or so.  Jay the Art Guy is walking around answering questions and assisting people who may be interested in bidding at the auction this afternoon.

We agree to do the pub lunch this afternoon as it has chicken curry – it also served fish and chips too – and we enjoyed the curry but it is mild and we prefer a bit more spice but they do need to cook for the entire group on board so it is easier to make it milder. 

Interactive Trivia is happening in Club Fushion at 12:45 hosted by Frenchie and we head back there but bingo is still going on so we take a seat at the bar and we meet a nice couple from Alaska who come up to say hi and that they follow my blog.  Kelley and Scott tell us their daughter follows and got them reading the blog…. So hi to their daughter from us and thanks for following.  We join them and a British Couple for the Trivia and we win!  Yeah – we win a magnetic clip that comes in handy for the cabin walls and holding our documents. 

Princess Pyramid is happening now in Club Fusion but we want to see the movie in the Princess Theater this afternoon.  They are showing Lincoln which is nominated for an Oscar and we haven’t seen it so we are looking forward to it.

Tonight is formal night and the Captains Welcome Aboard Show is in the Atrium.  We are going to do formal tonight and attend the show, mainly because we haven’t and we also want to see them introduce Johan and get a pic just to tease him.

I decide to head back to the Thermal Suite for a bit and have a relaxing hour there then back to the cabin to change and get ready for dinner. 

The Captain’s Welcome Aboard Party tonight and the Atrium is packed, too busy for me, we look at each other and decide to head into dinner right away instead.

We go to our table in Da Vinci and Daniel welcomes us, but something seems off.  He has a new assistant waiter and he only has our table and two other two tops that are finishing their dinner and a six has just come in but things are off.  We order some wine and he fills our glass and we order and for 20 minutes we sit and look at each other wondering what is up.  My glass is empty but it doesn’t appear to be get filled.  Finally Bernie reaches behind and gets the wine himself and fills our glasses.

I order the crab quiche to start as my appetizer and it was very good but we once again see something is off.  We sit with our plates in front of us waiting for them to be cleared for nearly 10 minutes.  Daniel even clears the two tables beside us and glances over at us but the plates remain.  We get our second course which for me is the French onion soup which is very good and then service improves.

We both get our mains, Bernie ordered the vegetarian option and he loved it, sorry can’t recall what it was exactly called.  I had the Barramundi fish dish and it was cooked perfectly, very good!  We both are thinking the same thing and as Bernie looks at me he says “you want to move back to the Michelangelo Dining room and Elda don’t you?”  and yes I do want to go back.  I miss her and Nathan and the great service we got from them and of course the head waiter Rui is missed too.  Now don’t get me wrong, Daniel was good, but Elda is GREAT.

We head downstairs to ask Rui if we can come back and he quickly says ‘of course” ahhh I am happy again. 

Vines is calling, and after a trying dinner we are needing some friends and great service.  And of course Ryan and Christian take such great care of us.  Johan joins us for a glass along with Corey.  It is nice to catch up with both of them today.

What a Swell Party is on in the Princess Theater and it is one I haven’t seen in a long time so we head there and have a great time, but too much wine and the bed is calling.


  1. Vickie BFebruary 4, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    Hi Rick and David, yes I gave it to him three days ago. Hope he touches base with you soon. We are in FLL tomorrow so he will have more access to internet then I am guessing

    Hi Vickie.. hope he touches base soon too.. no, haven't heard from him yet. We know how hectic things are on the many people come/go all the time.. and he mentioned how he has to do his shopping/muster drill each turn-around-day. In retrospect, we should have just gotten his information too... so that we could just make a quick contact with him - and he could then just reply back with one click of the mouse...

  2. Enjoying your daily blog Vickie! Glad you're having a great time! Send some warmth & sunshine this way! We are expecting 25-30cm. of snow tomorrow!!