Monday, February 11, 2013


my view today

We are pulling into the pier and I can see that we are at the same spot as last visit but at the end of the pier this time.  The Thompson Dream is parked where we were and the NCL ship is parked further away.  I see we have to all board buses to get to the terminal and back, they won’t let us walk because this is an industrial pier and it is too hazardous to walk around.

Breakfast arrives in the cabin and we enjoy a leisurely meal and decide what we want to do today.  We both agree it is a good day to head to the beach.

We are dressed and lathered in sunscreen and head off the ship onto the awaiting bus.  Once in the terminal we dodge around those trying to pick up internet signals and shoppers checking out the stores (that are not open yet as it is just before 9). 

At first we head to the taxi stand located within the terminal parking area, we already know that the fare to the boatyard is $5 a person so we agree to go with a gentleman who takes us and four others and places us in his van promising us he is leaving right away.  But while we sit in the van it becomes clear very quickly we are not leaving right away.  After waiting about 10 minutes we get out and so do the other four.  Our driver shouts that he is leaving, he is leaving but it is too late we are walking out of the terminal parking lot, something we should of did in the first place.  When we exit the terminal there is a large round about and we go with the first taxi driver who says he can take us right now. 

We board Lucas’ taxi and we are off, just the two of us, and as he maneuvers the streets, at a high speed I might add (no worse than the Fort Lauderdale taxi drivers) he asks us if we are open to trying Lobster Alive instead of the Boatyard.  Our friend Jeannie often recommends Lobster Alive so we agree to take us there.  The Boatyard charges $15 per person to enter, that includes a chair and an umbrella and use of their facilities and a drink and ride back – note our friends only were charged $12 though, but others were charged $15 so can’t confirm exactly what the costs were. 

very quiet here at Lobster Alive 
Lobster Alive is much quieter about a quarter of the people are at this location compared to the Boatyard.  There is no entry fee, you pay for what you use, chairs and umbrellas are $5 each, and for each item you get you get a coupon for two for one drinks.  In the end we paid $15 for the facility and $6 for drinks in total (three rum punches). 

We really enjoyed chatting with the people around us, we sat beside two couples who are on the Thompson ship from Britain and another couple on the NCL ship.  We spent the entire day relaxing in the sun, enjoying the water and meeting new people.

There were numerous options to go snorkeling with the turtles (around $15-$25 we heard quoted) which included drinks in some options.

We ran into many people from the ship and many of the crew, including Nathan our Junior Waiter and his girlfriend, and our server Elda and many many others.

Boatyard beach - very crowded

Lobster Alive beach

Warning, warning, warning… those rum punches pack a punch!  First one went down smoothly, second one enjoyed even more, third I was too drunk to remember.  I should know better! 

All aboard is 3:30 so we asked Lucas to be back at 2:30 so we can catch a ride back to the ship.  Oh I need to rest!  I get back to the cabin and when I take off my bathing suit there is a ton of sand in the suit it takes me awhile just to rinse it all out and I am sure there is still sand in it!

I crawl into bed and fall asleep so fast and soundly that I miss all the announcements, and sail away too.  We both sleep until after 5 pm and I am feeling a bit better, but I know I have gotten a bit too much sun.  Even with layering 50 spf on twice I have spots that are tender.  Time for some of that Aloe Gel that we got in Aruba.

Tonight is the Captain Circle Party and we arrive just prior to the start and there is still a line but we are given the option of entering the side door if we don’t wish to meet the Captain, and since we have met Captain Draper many times we enter on the Starboard side and grab a seat and Johan comes to greet us.  I am not going to drink, I have a headache from all those rum punches and need rehydrating.  Club soda for me. 

We sit with a lovely couple that end up surprising us by saying they are from Vancouver and get this he is also a transit driver, but he works out of the North Vancouver garage so we don’t recognize him, but boy what a small world.

Dinner tonight is with Alice and Norma and I know I need some food so I quickly order and Elda brings me the Pad Thai as a starter but it is not hot, just warm (seems to be a consistent problem this cruise) but I just eat it as I don’t feel up to waiting for a new one.  I then get a salad and the pork for my entrĂ©e but my stomach just doesn’t want to eat this pork and all the sauces that I am sure are delicious but just too rich for me tonight.  Elda steps up and says “Vickie what about a roll with some cheese” great idea and that does the trick.

But I am still suffering and I can feel the sun burn on my back, and my head is aching.  Too much sun, too much rum punches, too much salt water?  Who knows but tonight is going to be an early night.

We are in bed at 10 pm and I don’t see 10:05 as I am out like a light and sound asleep.

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