Friday, February 8, 2013


I wake to the ship pulling in to dock and from my window I can see “The World” yes the world!  Well the ship “The World” it is a ship where people buy space and own it for a period of time.  We have seen it before but it has been a very long time. 

We head for breakfast and then a coffee in the coffee bar and we are taking our time this morning.  We don’t even get off until 11 to do some wandering around.  

We had thought about going to the beach but we both decide today we will just walk around a bit and visit my favorite store here.  Zion, which is a lovely store that promotes local and cultural goods.  Catherine the owner is so helpful and friendly, she points out items that she thinks we might like, you can see how proud she is of her items.  

Catherine the owner

We visited her store just over a year ago and got a few items there and today we buy some lotion, a beautiful necklace/earring set and some other little things.  She has a full array of items.  You can get to her store by walking up the main street from the pier one block then turn left (where the casino and taxi stand are) and she is on the right if you are looking at the taxi stand, with casino on your left.  She is thinking of closing her store, because tourists just don’t make it into her store, but I hope she gets more customers because these small local stores are what we love.  So check her out, and say Vickie sent you.

Here is a link to the blog I did mentioning her store back in Dec of 2011 when we were there too.

Bernie wants to visit the market and get some bananas and we head over and chat with a few of the older women who are selling their produce.  We also stop and buy some spices and then we think a good local meal is in order.  We come across this little restaurant, nothing fancy but many locals are inside and we both get a curry dish, for me goat curry and for Bernie chicken curry.  Very good meals and lots of food.

laughed when i saw this bench in the market

We are back on board for mid afternoon and I am relaxing in the cabin till I decide to head up to the Thermal Suite again – life is tough for us isn’t it.

Dinner will be back in Michelangelo with Elda, we are going to surprise her.   We will dine with Norma (Alice’s friend who she is sharing a cabin with this voyage) until Alice joins us afterwards, as she is attending the Most Travelled Passenger Party.  We are also planning on seeing Kory Simons who is performing in the Explorer’s Lounge tonight.

We are in St. Lucia tomorrow and Veggie beach is in our plans.  But who knows, plans can always change.

Oh the movie Lincoln is on the in cabin tv today so I am watching the part that I missed yesterday when I couldn’t stay awake.

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