Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lets Catch Up – Last Sea Day – Part Deux

Last we spoke we were heading down to Vines to attend the Stammitsh Table for Champagne tasting.  We were to arrive at 6:45 and the communal table was set up with flights of glasses, plates of chocolates and glasses of water.  There were six of us doing the tasting which made for a very intimate wine tasting and a chance to chat and discuss wines and champagnes we have tried. 

Thai the sommelier was the host but Ryan; who is usually at Vines behind the Bar was also hosting.  Ryan discussed how you can open a bottle of champagne with a sabre, but no demonstration, darn.  Then he impressed us with the proper way to open a bottle of champagne.  Did you know that when you open a bottle the right way there should be no POP sound.   Ryan mastered it and we all clapped and we now realize we need to start opening our bottles the right way, which starts with us holding onto the cork and twisting the bottle to remove the cork not the other way around, who knew.  We had three wonderful champagnes and when you think of it for a very good price too since we got three tastings of champagne and chocolates and the expertise of two amazing connoisseurs. Thanks Thai and Ryan!  This was a first for us and we will definitely try it again.

We told our friends we would be a little late for dinner tonight as we had the Stammitsh Table and we got to the table at 7:45.  Tonight is the regular Land Fall Dinner and I love having the turkey.  It isn’t one of Bernie’s favorites but he enjoyed it still and it is nice to have a great dinner with our friends who are getting off tomorrow.  The ten days went by very fast and we aren’t sure if we will be sailing with them again next year or not as they are doing two 7 day cruises on different ships and it is not something we normally do, but you never know.

Elda had us laughing today with her rendition of the baked Alaska parade as we chanted Feeling HOT HOT HOT and she paraded around with a plate in her hand.  Next sailing we are sitting just the two of us in a quiet romantic spot so we will have a new waiter but Elda and Nathan were great and it was a joy sitting in their section.

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