Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 14, 2011 - Antigua

We are now docked, it is 9 am and there are two other ships in port.  It is very muggy and today I am the one to make the latte and tea run and we sip the drinks on our balcony until we can no longer handle the oppressive heat.  We try to watch the morning show but I guess someone forgot to turn it on as it is not showing.

We head up to the Horizon Court for breakfast, which is not my favorite place to have breakfast.  I can’t handle the crowds, and the eggs Benedict I had today was cool and the muffin was barely toasted.  There are a lot of older people on board and dodging walkers/scooters etc is getting to us.  We walk on the Lido towards Horizon Court where really only two people can walk side by side because of the tables/chairs and the walkers stopped dead in their track to talk to others, not only once but twice!  It was like a traffic jam on Lido.  I have a lot of patience but this is getting to be too much, you have to strategically choose your path when moving about the ship and often we take the long way around. 

I am relaxing in the cabin right now, the door is open and the calypso band is playing on the pier and is drawing us out.  We discuss what our game plan is for the day, because again we said we would wake up and figure out what we wanted to do daily.  We agree we would like to head out to Nelson Dockyard and then the beach.

We head ashore around 10 am and as soon as we get out of the port area we are faced with tons of taxi drivers offering us tours. We don’t want a tour we just want the dockyard and for just the two of us it is $35 one way. We decide to walk around a bit then head somewhere. It is so hot though and the traffic is crazy, we walk to the market and get some bananas and a black pineapple (cut up in a bag), I have to get out of the market area I am getting bitten by something there. We get some water then walk around the town until we are ready for our picnic of fruit. We sit in the cemetery next to an older lady who we share our fruit with.

The heat is oppressive we walk around and check out some stores.  We find a lovely local store that sells arts/crafts (Zion) and we purchase a few items.  We also want to check out Exotic Antigua which is right on the water near the pier. 

Last year we were there and we bought a few Tommy Bahamas Shirts for Bernie and I got a cute beaded ring.   So we want to go there again but this time they don’t have their Tommy Bahamas shirts, or at least they don’t have many of them, but Bernie does find one to buy and I get two more rings.  They give us a coupon for two Caribe beers in the restaurant upstairs (which is owned by the same people).  We sit looking out at the water I get a sour kiss martini and we pick up a few appetizers and watch the pirate ship tour load up with ship passengers and listen to Madonna blaring from the speakers – Spanish Lullaby, then the song ends and it plays again, then again, then again  -- yup four times!  We are all laughing at the store and cheer when they change the song to Madonna’s Like a Virgin and we all cheer because of the new song, but the song cuts off about three quarters or the way thru and Spanish Lullaby starts up again.  Ha ha ha we feel like we are part of the movie Ground Hog Day. 

As soon as we leave the restaurant the skies open up for a strong shower.  We end up back on the ship.  We did get a price quote for Dickerson Beach $12 each way by taxi but we think the cabin is calling and relaxing on our balcony.  And that is exactly what we do, and find we are really enjoying our cabin this cruise. 

We are enjoying drinks on the balcony for sailaway, vodka and ginger ale.  Tonight’s drink in Skywalkers is Sandleman’s port so we are up there for that.  Dinner in Michelangelo with two other couples.  I have to say order the mushroom tartlet it was yummy, for my entrĂ©e I had the past which was a pesto type pasta and very good. 
The shows tonight are Beatlemaniacs second show (different from the first one but we saw it last voyage), Country Western Night in Club Fusion, and the Yes No Game in Explorers again.  We wander about checking it all out and head back to the cabin around 11 pm.

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