Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Favorite Cruise Website - Cruise TT

For all you cruise addicts if you are anything like me you like to know which ships are in port when you are in port.  

This can be helpful when figuring out how busy a port will be.

Another great thing is to see if there is another Princess Ship in with you.  

If we have friends who are travelling on another ship this website will help you determine if you cruises will cross paths.

I find it especially helpful when sailing out of a busy port like Fort Lauderdale.  Knowing ahead of time how many ships are in port can often help you when finding a hotel.  Or answering the question "why are hotels so darn expensive" oh yeah there are six ships leaving the next day.

So check out CruiseTT - here is a link to their website.

It isn't anything fancy and isn't the easiest to maneuver around but it can be very helpful.

Click on ships tab at the top.  Find your cruise line and then select your ship.

Choose which month you will be sailing and then scroll down to see the date you are leaving and then it will show your itinerary.

First and second column shows the dates and then the third column is the port the ship is in.  Next column shows the load (this means how many passengers in total will be in port that day).  The next column shows what other ships will be in port with you.  

So you can see from the above picture of our upcoming cruise on the Island leaving Civitavecchia on Oct 25 there is one other ship in port.  The MSC Preziosa is in port with us.

The day we are in Naples there are two ships in port with us, Crystal Serenity and Costa Diadema.

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