Sunday, September 13, 2015

All Aborad the Grand Princess

We walked down to the bus stop and jumped on the 160 that heads straight downtown in about 50 minutes.  Terry was driving and it was busy but it was lovely talking with him all the way there.  We promised to have a drink for him.

One of my Facebook fans Anthony runs into me at the pier

Arriving at the pier at 11 am we noticed that the Noordam is in port too.  Things are right away a little different.  We are asked what ship we are on and we are directed up an escalator to one of the large conference rooms.  There they have the lovely staff there giving out our health forms and then we are at the booth and collecting our key cards right away. 

Then we walk around the room to the exit and back down the escalator and back to the “normal” security area and thru there quickly too.  Now the Noordam is heading to Alaska so after security they had to enter US Customs.  But for us we are heading to Victoria first so we don’t have to enter US Customs.  We just head to the boarding area. 

Now all of this took 15 minutes!  Very impressive, but now we have to wait.  We sit in the Preferred area until they start boarding at exactly noon. 

We pose for the boarding picture but do have a giggle because the background is says Alaska – ahhh wrong itinerary but I guess they are limited to what they can put up.

As soon as we get on we see Victor who is right by the elevators escorting people up and down the elevator.  Huge hugs and kisses.  So lovely to see him again. 

We are in cabin C505 and since we just have carry on bags for this voyage we are able to unpack right away.  The cabin looks great.  I think this ship looks better than the Crown does inside.  This cabin’s walls are in perfect condition, and the carpets, chairs, woodwork look excellent. 

Again take note if you are coming on this ship that the closet is smaller, and the cupboard too.  But certainly enough room for two people.  The bathroom is a nicer configuration and a bit bigger.

After unpacking we walk down to the Promenade to Crooners to buy the All Inclusive Drink Package.

Then of course Bernie is excited because there is an Alfredos pizzeria.  We get two pizzas and two drinks – yup Bernie got the Blue Moon and I got Sangria, and then soda water too.  The menu here is limited, not as big as on the Royal/Regal but it is still substantial and good.  No salads or appetizers, but we never have room for that anyways.

Okay now what?  Time to explore and we are up on the pool deck and enjoying the beautiful weather.  The aft pool is quiet and we take a seat and enjoy a drink there.  Okay I have now had three drinks in two hours!  Time to slow down.

Soon I am forced to slow down – yup!

Back in the cabin I am in the washroom and I forget all about the lip in the floor (that is on every single ship) and I don’t lift my foot up and boom.  I go flying to the floor!  I cry out and Bernie comes running and I know something is wrong. He helps me up and hobble to the bed and ouch my foot.  Yup foot is starting to swell.  Hurts like heck (I wanted to saying something else buy this is a family blog). 

Bernie is giggling – well you have never done that before, he says.  I give him a dirty look. 

I am not sure if it is a sprain, it isn’t in the normal area of the ankle.  I have had my share of sprains and this feels different.  I am not too worried about it.  I have asked Norma who we are seeing tomorrow to bring me a tensor bandage.  But there is no way I am able to wear shoes. 

Dolores and Laura are on board and they are in a full suite!  They text me and we head down to their cabin – that thankfully is on the same deck as our cabin.  So I hobble, boy I now understand how it must be for someone who has an issue with walking on board cause boy this ship is big when you have trouble walking.

We are welcomed with open arms by Laura and Dolores.  Hugs, kisses and just joy in seeing such great people.

Earlier we got two small bottles of Korbel each and brought this down with us to their cabin.  We spend an hour or so catching up with them until we have to head down to the Muster Drill.

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