Sunday, September 13, 2015

Afternoon at Sea


Back on board for noon, sailaway is 12:30.  So holding back hair and earrings so we are not blown away on the pier.  Oh I think this wind could cause a bit more rough seas.  Time will tell.

We take a sea in the International Café and enjoy some coffees – I try the new Chai Tea.  It is very good, a little sweet for me but very tasty.

Bernie says he is tired so he heads back to the cabin for a nap.  For me I grab my tablet and find a seat and read some magazines.  But it is getting a bit too noisy in the Atrium because of the martini demo so I head up to the top deck and enjoy a Ultimate Cooler up at the pool deck, but half sweet.

I hobble around the ship looking for what is happening.  I finally settle down outside Explorers and chat with a woman from San Francisco who is on her first cruise.

Dolores and Sheila walk by and they invite me to join them for Afternoon Tea – SURE !  we are sat at a table for four and shortly after being sat I see Chuck who is also on  my fan page being sat near us.  Hugs and soon thereafter he is joining our table.  Soon Sheila’s husband Gregory joins us and we scoot over and add a chair.  Really my feeling is the best part of cruising is getting to know others and it is lovely to meet so many that I have heard about for a long time.

After the great tea I decide to check out the trivia cause if Bernie is up there is a good chance this is where he will be.  Yup there he is sitting with three other guys and I am impressed they did quite well too. 

We decide to head back to the cabin, but of course we get distracted easily and I hear someone say “hi Vickie”.  It is Karen and Bill who read my blog and also on the Princess Cruise Lover’s Facebook page. They are originally from Australia but live in California now.  We chat for a while and I make sure to get a picture too.

Then we walk down to the shops to check out some of the things for kids.  We want to pick up some things for our great nephews we will be seeing soon.  They have some really cute items.  I especially love the shark hats, but they are $22 each and that is US so I think we will pass cause we would have to buy two of them. 

I tell Bernie that I ran into one of the Bartenders we had sailed with on the Emerald who came over to say hi.  So we head to the International Café bar and right away Bernie remembers Ron.  We sit and have a drink (love that drink package) and we catch up with him.  Another great connection!

Lots of people are waiting to get into the dining rooms, it is around 6 pm and I think many are excited to get the evening started. 

Tonight we are dining with Victor who is the watch specialist on board during his dinner break. We are going to head to Alfredos for a pizza.

I am currently in the cabin and sun is setting and all I can think is there is nowhere else I would rather be.

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