Friday, September 11, 2015

Mini Break - Sailing the Grand Princess to San Francisco

Finished work for the day and now we are on vacation, well a mini vacation, but a vacation none the less.

Tomorrow we sail on the Grand Princess for a three day cruise to San Francisco with one stop in Victoria.

The reason we booked this cruise was because our friends Dolores and Laura are on board and we wanted to see them again. Plus the days of this cruise fell right in line with our days off this week and next.  So very few days were needed to get covered for us to pull this off.

Oh and the price was right.  Read all about it here.  

We are going to head down to the pier early tomorrow.  We will take the bus.  Not only cause we are transit drivers and we got a transit pass, but because it really is the most convenient way to get downtown.  After the trip we will take transit back home too.

I plan to take some pictures and video of the routing for anyone wanting to take the skytrain downtown from the airport.  Will do a separate blog just for that when I get home.

We should be down at the pier for around 11 am.  Normallly we never head to the pier that early but we both agreed we just want to get this trip started.  

Our cabin is C505 and our friends are also on Caribe.  We know a few crew on board currently - big shout out to Victor (watch specialist) and Paul the Deputy Cruise Director.   We recently found out that one of my Facebook fans that has been on the page for a long time will be on too - YEAH Chuck.

We are looking at getting the All Inclusive Drink Package too.  Not something I would normally consider but for a three day trip with only half a day being in port I think we can get our money's worth. Plus I said to Bernie we need to get it cause it is research for my Facebook fan page.  To read more about Princess' drink package click here.

After some discussion we agreed to just bring on carry on.  We will carry our bags on board too.  We are not planning on bringing any wine/champagne - sort of like bringing a sandwich to a buffet.  

So stay tuned.  Will be blogging throughout the entire cruise and posting lots of things. If you have any questions post them to my Facebook Page and I will try and respond quickly.

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  1. Wish we were on the Pacific too. Never been but was on the Ocean, and it is her sister ship.......and I think for three days, I would get the drink package too......