Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cruise Addiction

I have always loved travel. But ever since I started cruising around 25 years ago - I can honestly say I am addicted to it.  

It combines the love of travel and seeing the sites, but also the opportunity to travel in style without unpacking. Your hotel travels with you.

For anyone who has travelled from one place to another, and then another, then another. 

The whole process can be stressful. Packing, traveling, finding hotel, checking in, unpacking etc.

Cruising is a great option where you board, unpack once, learn your surroundings and then watch the world go by. You can do as much or as little as you want once on board.  

You have numerous options for places to eat. Don't want to dress up, no problem. Most nights are smart casual so it is pretty much what you would wear to a restaurant on shore. Nice pants, blouse, or shirt for the men.  

But even if you don't want to dress for dinner in the dining room, how about some of the many other options.

  • Eat in the buffet which offers a huge selection of food. Grab a seat and relax for as long as you wish.
  • Have some sushi with a glass of wine down in Vines. Or add to it with food from the International Cafe that offers salads and tapas, and of course a plate of cheese to enjoy with your wine after your meal.
  • Some ships have the great venue of Alfredos and it certainly is one of our favorite places with great pizza in a relaxed environment.
  • But if you really want to go casual, then head up to the pool deck where the Trident Grill can give you a few options from burgers, hot dogs, fires, ribs, chicken wings. And of course there is still the option of great pizza not far away either.
  • And hey if you don't even want to get out of your pjs, why not order room service. Room service offers are varied menu from sandwiches, salads, lasagna, chili, and much much more.
Of course there are also the additional fee venues too.  Sabatinis, Crown Grill, Crab Shack and the new Fondue night too.

Even try the Ultimate Balcony Dinner for a special treat.  Or the Chef's Table or the Wine Maker's Dinner.  

The activities on board allow us to enjoy time out and the chance to meet other cruisers. Lots of entertainment, games, seminars, crafts, gatherings and variety shows. 

There are numerous groups I follow to keep my addiction in tack while at home. Here are just some of them.

So as I sit here dreaming about travel, I can't wait for our next adventure. Who is addicted to cruising too?  Are you?

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