Sunday, September 13, 2015

Evening On Board Grand Princess

Thankfully I was able to get into an elevator and Bernie took the stairs and we are in Explorer’s Lounge – well sort of in the lounge.  It is full and we sit on the ledge of a planter by the couches.  The place is packed and lots of people are in vacation mode.

their amazing deck

I almost forgot to tell you that we got two free drink coupons in lieu of the Captain Circle Party.  But since we have the drink package we just give them to Dolores and Laura.  We also are informed that we are the third most travelled on this ship.  We will get a free dinner at one of the Specialty Restaurants and a bottle of champagne too.

Back in the cabin after Muster and Bernie says he needs a nap and I head down to see our friends and enjoy sailaway from their cabin.

They get free dinner in a Specialty restaurant too and we have reservations for 8 pm in the Crown Grill. 

When I get back to the cabin Bernie has showered and is ready and says he will meet up with me a Crooners.  This is helpful so I can hobble around the cabin and get ready.  Only issue is I have to wear flip flops and looks a little strange but that is the best I can do.

Bosco shaking the martini and his great moves
Up at Crooners we sit and I see Bernie is enjoying a Cosmopolitan.  Our bar server is Bosco comes and asks what I would like.  I ask him for a recommendation and he brings me a lemon drop Martini.  Oh and his shaking is fun to watch and he has the whole group around us laughing.  I got some pictures of it and will post and share when I get home. 

Beside us is a couple Terri and Brent who are from Langley and we chat with them and about their voyage and then they are spending some time in San Francisco afterward.  Brent says he takes the 555 bus route for which we often drive and tell him to look out for us on it.

Time for dinner!  Glen is our server in Crown Grill tonight and he is very good.  Very attentive and knowledgeable and always a step ahead of our needs.  We toast to Dolores and Laura’s marriage – they got married this year and we wish we could have been there but we just couldn’t swing it.  But we are here now and raising our glasses to them.

Now we noticed that Joel Directo is the Executive Chef on board!  OMG what a treat.  We have known him probably the longest of all our friends on board.  We met him, I believe on our second Princess Cruise before he became Executive Chef.  Then when we were on our first back to back on the Emerald we did the Chef’s Table and met Joel again.  He had just been promoted to Executive Chef.  The first Filipino Executive Chef.  We occasionally sail with him but it is usually shorter cruises ironically.  We ask the hostess to see if she can let Joel know we are here.  

Joel and I - so nice to see him again
A few minutes later Joel arrives and we hug and catch up and I tease him cause he still only has one son, and I tell him he needs to have a daughter now.  He certainly brightened our evening by seeing him.  He of course asks us if there is anything we want and we are good, and then Bernie pipes up and says Halo Halo for dessert.  Halo Halo is one of Bernie’s favorite desserts.  It is hard to describe so google it if you are interested.  Joel smiles and says he will see what he can do.

A while later Joel comes back out with another head chef (sorry I forgot his name) and says tomorrow just ask our waiter at dinner and they will bring us Halo Halo.  Oh… how nice… and people wonder why we stick with Princess.  This is why.  We love these guys and truly appreciate all they do.

For dinner I start with the Black and Blue soup which is cooked perfectly.  Then the spinach and beet salad – again very good.  For my entrée is a filet mignon with Béarnaise sauce and many items to share including garlic fries, creamed spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms. The entire meal was wonderful and Glen’s service was outstanding.

Before our dessert arrives we are served a round of Limocello from the Maître D’ – oh nice. 

We order Sicilian Kiss’ for after dinner drinks along with the molten chocolate.  Oh so good and wow I am full, and a little drunk, okay more than a little drunk.  But the foot doesn’t hurt too much!

Back in the cabin we have a letter saying to bring the letter to the Specialty Restaurant for a free dinner.  Oh well, we will take it to the Purser’s Desk tomorrow to have them credit tonight’s dinner.

I lay on the bed and I crash almost immediately.  The bed is hard, but we asked for an egg crate (which is a foam) on the bed to help with the hardness. 

I sleep well but I wake often cause my foot is sore and I am confused at where I am.  Oh yeah on a ship.

Here is a break down of the officers on the ship:

Captain Ronald Wilson, Staff Captain Goran Favro, Chief Engineer Antonio Di Biase, Hotel General Manager Timothy Ellis (last time we sailed with him he with F&B Manager), Cruise Director Mike Witte, Senior Doctor Robert Schneider, Food and Beverage Director Barbara Pasching, Customer Services Director Luca Baudoino, Staff Engineer Officer Francesco Fillella, Executive Housekeeper Monico Reyes Jr., Executive Chef Joel Directo, Maitre D’ Hotel Silvio Zampieri, Environmental Officer Dimitar Mitev.

Movies Under the Star:  Avengers Age of Ultron, Far From the Madding Crowd, NFL and Inside Out.

Princess Theater: Magician Jeff Peterson, Comedian Steve White, Production Show British Invasion. 

Explorer’s Lounge:  Liars Club Game Show, Majority Rules Game Show, Jeopardize Trivia.

Vista Lounge: Zumba Fitness (I will have to skip this), Line Dance Mania, Ballroom Classes, Bingo.

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